Pullerbear - Eco-Friendly Vegetation Control.



Where are the Pullerbears made?

The Pullerbears are constructed, inspected, finished and packaged in Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada.



How safe is it for me to use my credit card on your site?

Your actual purchase will take place on the PayPal site. PayPal handles hundreds of thousands transactions per day and fully secures your transaction. Our company has had over 1000 transactions with PayPal and our customer satisfaction is 100%.



What if I need to have my Pullerbear repaired?

It's not likely you would ever have to repair it, but if the tool fails under normal use and the failure is workmanship related we will either, repair it free of charge, replace it or pay for you to have it repaired.



Why do you provide a link to your competition on your Compare page?

We have always prided ourselves in the always reliable MYOB principle. We believe competition is healthy and we believe the other company has a quality product and we like to give our customers a choice. If you think their product is worthy of your hard earned money then by all means buy it. If you think ours is, we thank you for your patronage.



How do you make any money with the Invasive Weed Control Program?

The objective with the IWC Program was never to make money directly. We assume with the visibility of the trailer and because of the goodwill of our company the IWC will lead to future customers. Of course, that remains to be seen, but in the present we would like to have as many groups as possible use the trailer and equipment. The IWC Program will allow the various not-for-profit groups to save their money for other projects that benefit the community and the environment. We also encourage minor sports teams or other youth groups that require fundraising to consider pulling broom and other invasive weeds as a way of raising funds for their activities. I know I'm tired of chocolate covered almonds and coupon books.



Are there any other tools that can do what the Pullerbear does?

No, the Pullerbear is a unique tool and other than the WeedWrench, in the US, there is no other tool that compares. The Pullerbears can get a grip on stems or roots that are at ground level or below. the Weed Wrench comes close but does not have same tweezer-like grip abilities as the Pullerbears. We've seen gadgets and gizmos on the internet but no tool can do the job of the Pullerbear. We expect imitators will pop up out of the woodwork and make claims of being the best, the cheapest, the lightest, the strongest and so on... but that's not our way of doing business. Remember the MYOB principle (Mind Your Own Business) and if you do you will be successful.



Is pulling invasive weeds like Scotch Broom the best way to deal with the problem?

Yes, some say that it is not the best method of control because disturbing the soil will enable the dormant seeds to germinate. This is true but the alternative is cutting or herbicides and these two techniques are dangerous and environmentally damaging. As a private property owner I don't want herbicides used on my property and cutting the trees above the ground creates a tripping hazard not to mention the danger of people or animals tripping and falling on the stumps left behind. Our recommendation for Scotch Broom is Pull-Pile-Burn. Transporting seed laden bushes on the highway will spread the seeds and dumping the vegetation in the municipal composting system will continue to spread the seeds.



Is there a warranty?

We have developed the Pullerbears, in part, from the feedback that we have received from our customers over the years. We welcome the return of any Pullerbear that is defective or fails to do what we claim it will do. We are proud to say that everyone that has purchased a Pullerbear from us is still the owner of that Pullerbear. 9 out of 10 renters of Pullerbears from us have turned into owners. We are so confident that when someone rents a Pullerbear, from us, they will inturn buy it, we start all Renters off with a brand new Pullerbear each time and then apply the rental charge as a credit when the renter decides to be an owner.



How long will a Pullerbear last under normal use?

A lifetime and some. We fully expect the Pullerbear that you purchase is the only one that you will ever need unless you lose it.



Is burning Scotch Broom the best way to get rid of it?

As long as it has been pulled out of the ground first. We recommend the Pull-Pile-Burn. If you have the room on your property you should designate one area for burning broom. This ensures the destruction of the seeds. Be considerate of your neighbours and burn a hot fire that produces little to no smoke. We suggest using a couple of old wooden pallets, that are readily available in most commercial areas, and a leaf blower to keep the fire burning hot. And of course, be sure that burning is permitted in the area that you live.


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