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 (We don't ask them - they just do!)



Aloha folks at Pullerbear:

 I ordered my Pullerbear on Dec 10 and it arrived amazingly on 12/20!!!
I am very impressed with the speed of delivery since you had to write our name on it with welding and it must have gone through customs at the border.
 I am delighted with it’s powerful construction and have been enthusiastically using it for a big seashore clearing project here in Maui..
 I had a Root Jack for many years,, but the Pullerbear is a far superior tool and I will never need to put a cheater on the handle!
 Thanks so much for a great product and very fast delivery service. Envisioning all of the best for the Pullerbear crew now and in the New Year.

With great appreciation,

Stan North

Maui, Hawaii

Pullerbears Pulling Hawaiian Haole Koa Roots.



Dear Pullerbear Friends,

I simply can't thank you enough for this wonderful tool!! We have been battling autumn olive on our property and in our neighborhood which includes a couple of small wetlands. With the help of the pullerbear we successfully removed three trailer loads of AO this past summer.

The pullerbear has been a total game changer! Smaller saplings are very easy to remove all by myself. I've also had success with some large, multiple-trunked shrubs. It will take years of ongoing monitoring of these sites, but the pullerbear has been invaluable in our efforts. Thank you! Thank you!

Wendy DesAutels
Traverse City, Michigan


Autumn Olive Control in Traverse, Michigan USA.

Pullerbear Pulling of Autumn Olive

Michigan Autumn Olive Eradication In Michigan.



...and I went to use it immediately. I think it's my favorite tool. There are lots of little alder saplings on my property, and what appears to be an abandoned Christmas tree plot by the previous owners. I broke a pitchfork pulling them out, then realized that's the wrong tool. In fact, I wouldn't have even attempted anything larger than 1.5" before. I don't like having to use it, but it sure makes that job less crappy.

Rob Blasutig

Langley, BC



Buckthorn is my nemesis! I have been fighting it for years. Our local Audubon Society here in Milwaukee has these tools and love them for pulling buckthorn saplings.

 I have two properties in central WI and I relucently cut and spray.

 I can’t wait until I dominate the buckthorn with this tool.

 Jerry Smith

Milwaukee, WI



 Thank you for making an excellent product. Several park friend’s groups that participate in the invasive weed control effort that I founded and direct like the Pullerbears very much, so we have purchased about 6 so far – and you accidentally sent me 2 more beyond what I ordered. I appreciate the mistake that worked in our favor, but know that you are a small company, so it has to hurt a bit. So sorry also.
 Main reason for writing is to recommend using less shrink wrap for shipment. I know it is a “drop in the bucket” but given that we are all concerned about the environment, I would like see less of this non-biodegradable packing used – and it is tough to remove. Thanks for your consideration.

 Ken Solis, MD, MA

Seller: Ken's group received the Pullerbears they paid for, another member of his group ordered the aditional two Pullerbears they received.

Seller:  There is a simple solution to this problem.  We weld the word "STEP" on to every Pullerbear jaw and the purpose of this is to press the jaw right against the ground so that you are grabbing the stem at the very base.  This technique creates a lifting action as opposed to grabbing the stem higher up which results in the stem being bent over, during the pulling process, and thus breaking off the smaller stems. The stronger the stems the better, it's the technique that is the issue in this case.  Note: Amazon does not provide a reply opportunity on their site.  We're not even sure who Gooshlem is.


My wife got me a puller bear , which was labeled "Sappsucker" and since our name is Sapp I got and still get a kick out of the name .
We bought 5 acres last year and we wanted to pull some saplings to make our wood look like a national park .
And after looking we thought your tool would do the trick . And I was not disappointed. It is a beast . I weigh about 250 pounds and I know it will , and has , taken everything I can throw at it .

This is the best tool I have. I know it will last me a long time .

Thank you for such a great tool and my wife said the customer service is well above any other place we have dealt with.
Thank you again .

Very Happy Customer.
Raymond Scott Sapp
The Sappsucker Owner.....lol



Makes me a badass on the holly bush roots in front of my house! We have tried everything, including trying to pull them out with a truck. It’s still backbreaking work, but now there’s a light at the bottom of that hole!

Thanks for a fine product

Kate O'bergyn




Good morning!

I just bought (through PayPal) your Pullerbear Pro XL321 model!
I am SO excited about getting this!… I’m hoping it is just the thing to help me in a “30 year war” with Ailanthus altissima, “Tree of Heaven” (the most ironically, or misnamed, plant, ever!!!)
(Yes, I thought it was very pretty, and exotic looking, when I bought my house… Little did we know! It grows **SO** fast, puts out roots and grows like bamboo, with a thick mat of strong, shallow roots… destroying/crowding out all grass, native plants, landscaping!!!)
Sorry… It’s been a long battle…

Anyway, I’m SO excited to think that your Pullerbear is just what I need! (Can’t believe I’ve only just recently “discovered” you!!)

Thank you, too, for also welding a name on!! (What fun!!)
I’m having “ Belongs to P. Treib “ put on!! (I’m Pat, and my sons are Philip and Paul, so I thought that might work the best for us????)

*SO* happy to have “found” you!!…
Looks like you, too, have been blessed with a Beautiful Family!!!
*Thank you, again!!*
Enjoy your Beautiful Canadian Summer!!!

Patricia Treib

Saginaw, Michigan


Just received mine Monday . This tool is awesome !! Nothing like hooking up a sapling and then hearing those roots give way.  Very pleased in Tennessee !

Saul Mancha

Greeneville, TN

Pullerbear Happy Customer From Amazon.

Pullerbear Long Root Puller

Another 5 Star Review From a Happy Amazon Customer.

Pullerbear is a Great Tool - Amazon Customer.



I’m a repeat offender here. I purchased your XL321 last year (In was a mistake and had Boutain on it)
 And while I love it, it is just a tad unwieldly for little stuff and so I’m back for the personal size Pullerbear.
 Not sure if I clicked the personalization box or not but I’d like it to say
“1919 Vandervort”

 Love your site, love your products.

Rick Chatfield

 Lutz, FL



Brian - A Happy Customer of Pullerbear in Alabama, USA.



Amazon 5 Star Reviews of the Pullerbear Tree and Invasive Weed Pullers


I took it out and my son in law came out into the field too and tried it out and was duly impressed. You guys rock and gave me the very tool to remove those noxious bushes from my fields.

Carol Becker

Fort Bragg, CA 


Good afternoon!

I just ordered a Pullerbear for my Dad because he likes mine so much. I missed the area in PayPal where I enter what I would like welded on the handle.
 If possible, I would love it if you could weld "World's Best Dad" on the handle.

 Thank you so much for your time and also for your awesome product!

Kristen Andrzejewski

Warren, MN



 That pullerbear tool 'kicks ass'

Great satisfaction ripping that f&@%ing buckthorn out by the roots and burning it.

Thank you all for a fantastic invention!


Sheboygan Falls WI


 I recently purchased one of your tools after researching the available competition, and I can say I am completely satisfied by the workmanship, engineering and most of all the effectiveness of this machine.
 I was initially drawn to your product after reading the information on your website and watching the video's and was impressed with the Pro XL 321's versatility, It is a tool that will be here long after I am gone.
 In closing I would like to Thank you and your family for producing a product of such uncommon quality, which sadly is the exception rather than the rule.

Thank You

Paul Woods

Port Angeles, WA 


Hi Friends at Pullerbear, I hope this finds all of you healthy and happy.

Thank you for making an awesome product! Last year I asked you to make a prototype for me. We already had the Grip XL, but lugging around 12 lbs of iron really tired me out. And having to bend down all the time with a regular Cub Lite would be deadly on my back. So you agreed to make  prototype for me, a Cub Lite with a long handle, cautioning me that too much pressure might cause the handle to bend or break, and that the extra length might add more weight than I wanted anyway.

 I've been using the prototype this spring and I'm writing to thank you, I couldn't be more pleased. The prototype weighs in at about 7 pounds, which is perfect for me. I quickly developed a sensitivity to how much pressure I could put on the handle without stressing it -- stems above 3/4" were questionable -- but so far I've only met two stems that challenged this baby, and of course our Grip XL had those out in seconds.

 Here are my pros and suggestions on the prototype:

 -Perfect weight
 -Minimal need for me to bend over
 -Size of the Cub Lite jaw handles most of our scotch broom needs
 -Really like that the jaw opens from the left. I didn't realize what a difference it makes, the job goes faster because it feels more natural. (Our Grip XL opens from the right.)

 -Just one good tooth against the inside edge
 -2 drill holes in the back foot so a small board can be added, if desired
 -A "collar" that lives on the handle, that can be slid up or down to add support when using extra pressure
 -Or a locking telescope handle so people can use it short or long.

 Bottom line, I love my prototype Pullerbear, thank you for working with me! ??

 All the best, stay safe,
 Indigo Perry
 Middletown CA

Hello Indigo,

It's great to hear from you and to hear about your successes. Your handle is the thinnest steel we could use but now we are using a size up and the possible bending under stress is no longer a concern. Great minds think a like, we are now drilling two holes in the foot for the ability to add a small board if needed.


Somebody on Hornby Island was looking on Facebook for a bearing puller so like a smart ass, I told them I had something close. A puller bear. Then I decided I should send a link so they knew what I was talking about.

I use your polar bear for hours today for thistles and this other invasive plants like Scotch Broom and Daphne. Somehow you’ve even managed to allow it to grip the plants like thorny thistle without busting it (most of the time) and I can slowly pull it out with the roots. I often study things I use and consider how efficient they are and your product is great.

I also thank you for putting my full name on my pullerbear a couple years ago. That wasn’t easy.

Keep safe.
- Henry Longlastname



 I used your tool today for the first time. Awesome. I love tools and yours doesn’t disappoint. I might buy the smaller one so I can really get things done quicker with the smaller trees but the big guy does a heck of a job.

Crestview Hills, KY


Our PullerBear arrived at noon today.  By 1:45, after the rain stopped, we gave it a try. In 20 minutes, we pulled up about 10 small saplings — by hand, it would have taken hours since they were growing out of our rain garden covered in river rock. This is one fantastic tool.
Diane & Steve
Waterloo, ON


Wonderful, incredible, incredible customer service. This is the best customer service I have ever had, your company is a shining star. I like your web site and a great picture of the family.

Dave Einert

Gig Harbor, Washington



In case anyone else is “entertaining” themselves at home with pulling weeds and invasive plants, I can confirm that the Pullerbear is easy to use and effective. Makes short work of scotch broom. I used the Lite on small brooms and Penick used the Pro on the big brooms.

Pullerbear Cub Lite Customer Review.

 Melanie Witt



I bought one and it is absolutely amazing for removal of invasive honeysuckle on my property. I lost the pin clip on the second day and had to put in a clip of my own. Thanks for making such a great product. It is so well made.

Robert Sunday

Roscoe IL.


I’m a believer…let me know if you are looking for a NC Ambassador to promote your pullerbear.

John Davinson

North Carolina

Pullerbear Tree Puller Effective For Clearing Fence Lines.
Fence Line Cleared By Pullerbear Tree and Weed Puller.



I just received our Pullerbear and my wife took it out and used it. She loves it , what a well thought out tool. It works great thank you so much.
Andrew Bradley

Snow Hill, MD


Morning Randy,

Just thought I would let you know that I have received the Pullerbear Patriot XL21 we discussed and have already savaged many, many young pines with it. I must admit that I was a little skeptical about how it would work, especially on the smaller ones, but it works like a champ on everything I can clamp it on.

You were spot on with your recommendation to me with the Patriot and what I was needing to do. Once I got the hang of using it, there is little to no bending over which is good for my tired 64 year old back. I also was surprised how quick I could clear out an area without breaking a sweat. I have cleaned out several areas of the pine growths we have appearing caused by our oaks dying out due to droughts and insects. I doubt that I can get them all, but at least now I have a chance to control the areas most important to me.

I have a couple buddies interested now in possibly getting their own, so we will see how that turns out. I appreciate you taking the time in taking my phone call and speaking with me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ed Goss



Getting good use out of the original one I purchased a few years back. Sending a pic of my son with an hours worth of work.
About to do a boyscout project clearing doing more of the same. The ones you are producing now will hopefully be in use on the project shortly!

Pullerbear in Hawaii Pulling Haole Koa.



I don’t often write reviews because my momma told me if you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing at all
In this day and age I rarely am able to say something nice about most products I buy
Pullerbear is the rare exception
I am on my second one; not cause I broke or wore one out either (I don’t think either of those situations are possible)
I ordered one several years back for my property in Alaska and used and used and used (and abused) it but all I could do was wear off some of the paint.
It pulled cottonwood, birch, alder, raspberry, etc etc etc with monotonous reliability
I quit worrying about bending or breaking it and just let the jaws grab hold and put everything I had into it
To be honest there were things I could get the jaws around that I couldn’t pull out without a chain and my 4Runner, but NOTHING ever caused me to be able to bend or break it
When we bought our property here in Hawaii I didn’t hesitate for a second to order another one to pull Kiawe (Mesquite) trees and a dozen other varieties of bush and weed I can’t even name
I didn’t even really look at the newer model on the website; I just went straight to the order page and put in my info and pressed BUY
I was surprised to see the triple adjustable jaw and my first thought was “Hmmmmmm, they built in a fail point, that's sad”
Nope, just made it more versatile
It is still stupid easy and stupid strong
There is simply nothing better and honestly, there isn’t even anything close
Pullerbear is in a class ll by itself
Get one…
You will never be disappointed

Michael Brown



Just received our Pullerbear Pro XL321 and gave it a quick evening test in the thicket we share with our neighbor. Just like that, out came five 1" to 1 1/2" Buckthorn. Works great with no real learning curve to get some best practices down.

I cleared about one tenth of the thicket years ago by hand, trimming the small trees/brush down to bare 6' high trunks and then rocking/digging them out. The Pullerbear does a lot of that root breaking grunt work, with no need for the trimming for leverage either.



Pullerbear Is The Most Effective Buckthorn Puller.


Russell Baudler
MISHAWAKA, IN  Love My New Pullerbear!


Sisters in California Pulling Castor Bean with Their Pullerbear Pro XL Invasive Weed Puller.

Instagram Feedback 
Sweet Beer Removal by Pullerbear Tree Pullers in California.
Sweet Beer Removal by Pullerbear Tree Pullers in California.
Haole Koa Eradication By The Pullerbear Haole Koa Puller.
Pullerbear Tree Pullers Being Shipped To Zambia, South Africa.
Pullerbear Bush Honeysuckle Puller
Pullerbear Pro XL321 Pulling Buckthorn in Wisconsin, USA.
Pullerbear Buckthorn Puller
Pullerbear Hackberry, Cedar, Elm And Ligustrum Puller
Pullerbear Pro XL321 Scotch Broom Puller.
Pullerbear Haole Koa Puller.
Pullerbear Pulling Haole Koa on a Hawaiian Hillside.

THRILLED with my Pullerbear 321 We had over 100 weed trees ruining the place!
I looked at the Pullerbear for a long time before I bought it. The house we live in was neglected by the previous owner and was overgrown with weed trees.
It wAs getting impossible so I finally made the move to get the Pullerbear. I do a lot of research and the Pullerbear is only one of three devices that are meant to pull brush and none are built this sturdy. The Pullerbear was a no brainer the way it is consttructed. It looked like the best. It is the BEST.
 So far I have pulled at least 95 trees out. I still have some trees to go but the bulk of them are gone.
 I was a complainer and called Mr Pullerbear saying I thought it was too hard to use ...at first. I got the hang of it. It really is the EASIEST way to get trouble trees out.
The alternative is either just having them poisoned or paying someone to dig them out. $$$$$$$$$
 Some trees were hard,and those I found out that they had more complex root systens and you have to rock the Pullerbear side to side back and forth till you hear that beautiful popping sound underground. Each time you pull a tree you will hear little popping sounds. Like pulling a tooth. That is the sound of your tree packing it's bags for the burn pile.
 I'd go out and decide to get specific trees and afterward like the Lays potato chips you can't eat just one? Well it's like that with the trees. I always get more trees than planned. (It was a MESS here) Just one more tree and one more tree. It's addictive when you see the resuts.
 On occasion one root will be stuck in the ground. I just take some large salt pellets for water softening slide them in that one straggler and pour cleaning vinegar in there and cover it back up. That tree is NOT coming back. I'm sure more weed trees will be planting themselves here in this rural area. (Thats how we ended up with over 90!) but when they come....Not a Problem.
 I took video with a camera with poor 3gp quality and it was very bad quality so I had to go back to the pile and take a few out to show what kind of nasty roots that were just a joy to get out that were laying on top of the pile.
 In the other picture is a pile of the other 80 trees that don't look like much once they are in a pile. But there are 80 trees there.
This is THE best tool I have ever owned. It was worth EVERY PENNY. And then some. Thank you Mr Pullerbear for creating this marvelous invention.
 When you have as many trees as we had going crazy it is a degree of work. But it's a great workout. There is nothing more satisfying than that popping sound you hear before it leaves the ground. Once you hear that sound I'd say go slow so it comes out in tact.
 Again...the BEST money I ever spent. Shipping is included so it is a real bargain because the shipping is expensive for something this heavy. Others charge for shipping along with the cost of the tool and they are not built like this behemoth tree killer.
Pullerbear Weed Tree Pullers
Pullerbear Tree, Weed, Brush, Bramble Puller.
Pullerbear Root Puller.
Pullerbear Root Extractor.



Randy & Brandi & Family,

I could not believe what was waiting for me tonight by my back door when I got home from work. My order of the Pullerbear Pro XL321 and the Pullerbear Cub Lite had already arrived. Wow, I was not expecting them until Friday the 26th. What a pleasant surprise.

I have already tried them both out on a few small trees and shrubs around the house, just to see how they both work, and they both work exactly as your Website and Videos describe, or maybe even better. I am VERY PLEASED with everything about by order: 1) The communication, 2) The speed in processing my order, 3) The ease of adding on the Pullerbear Cub Lite, 4) The packaging and shipment, 5) The unbelievable speed in delivery and 6) Especially the ease in using them both.

When I start on my major project very soon, I will send you some before, during and after photos of my new tools (toys) in action and the final results.

You can feel free to add me to your lengthy list of VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

Thanks again for everything.


"God's Country"

 Beautiful Southern Illinois


Elm Saplings Pulled By a Pullerbear Grip XL.


Hey PullerBear I'm Freaking in love with your Tool is there any way I could get a Sponsor Sticker (like the one on your tool) so I can show my support for (My
 Enclosed Trailer) I'm spreading The Word of the PullerBear for you guys I sent a couple people to you already I told them to give my name to YOU so you know where your new customer is coming from. Is there away I could get paid or have tool credits toward another tool to save my some money. Love to help out from your friend from the North GA Mountains.????
Harrison Hunt
Waleska GA.

The pullerbear worked great here in Ohio I pulled 50’ of privet hedge in four hours! Thanks it was everything you said, a great tool !
Michael Shannon
Dayton OH.

I am buying this for the young man who works in my yard 6 hours a week. He uses mine (The 0-3model names Rhea’s Tool) and says it is the best puller he has used of the many types he has used. He said if he ever had enough money to buy his own he would buy one like mine. So....I went to your website planning to surprise him and saw the adjustable option. Sent him the link and video and he picked the 1-2-3. No longer a surprise but he is beside himself with joy and gratitude.
Thanks for making such an excellent tool. My 121 pound body can pull some amazingly deep and large scotch broom, blackberry and ceanothus roots as a result.....even if sometimes l am lying along the handle trying not to do a face plant (smiles).
Best wishes, Rhea.
North San Juan, CA

Hi Pullerbear,

Just unpacked my delivery, and without doubt this is the best gardening tool ever! I have a 0.8 acre yard completely overrun with invasives, and in less than an hour I have removed 5 English laurels, numerous blackberries, and an English ivy stem thicker than my arm. Had to take a break because of torrential rain, but as soon as it lets up I'll be right back out there enjoying my Pullerbear.

Thank you!

Jay in Portland, OR

Hi - we’ve been using one of your Pro XL321 models for a while & love it. Ordering 2 more.
Our location is Cedar Ridge Preserve, owned by the City of Dallas, Texas. We (the Audubon Society of Dallas County) have the contract with the city to manage the property. Please weld the name, or whatever shortening of it works, on the two tools:
Cedar Ridge Preserve
Cedar Ridge Pres.

Thanks. Looking forward to the new toys.
J. W. (Wood) Cantrell

The best tool that I have bought for my yard and garden in Texas.  Built tough and works great.
John E. Wallace

We were recently gifted a Pullerbear Pro XL321. It is the absolute best brush/small tree pulling critter we have ever had! Aint no way anyone can break or bend it unless you run it over with a semi and we cant very often say such things. Not only does it make eradication a breeze, in comparison to a shovel n pick, but it is even kind of fun to use! We have found another use for the pullerbear in addition to removing trees and such. It is excellent for removing metal fence posts! Just hook on like you would a tree and pull. Pulls them puppies right out with no fuss and is much easier than trying to jack them out of the ground. It really is a must have for homesteads and farms!
Marie Witt
Somewhere, USA

In this day and age, most things we buy are either excessively complex, expensive or ineffective. More often than not, all three prevail. Though we wander through a technological miasma like lost lambs, still we search in vain to find those products that are simple to use and that solve a vexing problem. This ingenious tool does both, in spades.
I recently hired someone with a Fecon mulcher to shred up an acre of buckthorn, hollyhock, autumn olive and other invasives. I really thought this would solve our intractable invasives problem once and for all. No one mentioned, however, that the mulcher leaves the roots in tact and, worse yet, shreds all but the top half inch of the stumps. This guarantees that the invasives will grow back and, by leaving only a shredded crown barely above ground, removes any possible leverage for grubbing the stumps.
So, though I'd already been considering getting one for over a year, I ordered my Pullerbear a couple weeks ago. Like most people, I live a life rich in disappointment and regret, so it was with some trepidation that I unpacked the Pullerbear and took it outside for a test run. You'll be glad to know that, after about two minutes of use, my faith in humanity was fully restored. Three inch stumps, bearing almost nothing to grab above grade and anchored down with 6' long roots, practically leaped out of the ground. It took me longer to unpack the Pullerbear than it did to accomplish this small feat. I cannot overstate the profound joy this has brought me. It was all I could to do to keep from adorning myself with a sort of ritualistic necklace of slayed tree roots, caking my skin with terra firma and shouting a time honored battle cry whilst raising the Pullerbear above my head like a crazed warrior of the highlands.
As someone who has spent years destroying his body grubbing, digging and chopping, and as someone who takes inexplicable and unreasonable pride in unearthing stumps and rocks, this tool has brought me the kind of happiness that is (barely) rivaled by the birth of my children. I don't look forward to much these days, but from now on, I am sure I will awaken excited to remove stumps with the Pullerbear. My sincerest thanks for your contribution to the evolution and betterment of mankind.

Michael Deliso
Pullerbear Buck Thorn Puller

 Hey, Pullerbear,
The tool came a couple days ago, and it's terrific!
George Packard
Warner, New Hampshire

  I got to my main treelet concern just in time (the thing had grown a foot or so since my Pullerbear arrived and was 4' or so tall).  The Pullerbear pulled it up like a warm knife through butter.  Whatever this young tree is (or was), it has a tap root.  My lawn and tree specialist will identify it when I see him, and he'll advise as to whether I need to take further action to make sure it's dead (important because it was growning right at the foundation of the house).  But at least I got the darn thing out.
Ron Webster
Wichita, Kansas

his is the largest of many knotted tan tan that I was able to pull out in about a half hour of its first use. I did this while stopping by at my friends house from picking up this wondrous device. My buddy has tan tan stumps that he has been cutting back in his yard for over 20 years so are pretty gnarly in general. His jaw was on the floor as I yanked up his yard. Got home and pulled out a couple around my cistern with the last shreds of sunlight I had because it simply could not wait another night.
Don't let sweat fool you. It wasnt difficult pulling even this behemoth up. Here in the start of Caribbean summer I break a sweat walking to my car in the morning.
Thank you very much. I'll spread the word.
Ryan Ziebro
U.S. Virgin Islands
Pullerbear Tan Tan Puller

Hello. Got my 321 Pullerbear a while back for small-to-large Scotch Broom eradication, randomly spread over my on my 2.5 Acre Lot in Pe Ell, Washington. Me and my 2 Helpers used a larger scissor action Brush Grubber hooked up to a tow strap on my Truck to pull the big boys on a steep riverbank hillside; then the 321 Puller Bear for medium sized Scotch Broom on the level; and then a flat tined Potato Spade to pop loose, and then hand pull the small saplings. For the 3 of us, it was labor intensive, but we were on a mission, and did it! The neighbors had to come over and see what we were up to, and were very impressed with this contraption! My Helper took the Pullerbear home and did his yard then his Grampa hired him and my other Helper to do his yard ! With my 2 hard-working Helpers now totally proficient in Scotch Broom removal, I am hoping that they can drum up more work in this area. A real Country Hit ! Thanks for superduty tool. Chris V. Tacoma, Washington
I volunteer clearing over-gown parkland at one of our National Trust properties. We have a number of invasive plants that need to be managed usually by cutting and then applying a noxious herbicide to kill the roots. This past week, I took delivery of my Pro XL 321, and hey presto, this is a tool that does what it says it will. I like the ease with which it changes for different sized stems, and despite some of the plants having tap roots up to two feet long, none could resist the Pullerbear. I bought it to help with some woodland reserve that we will be moving to later in the year this also has its share of invasives, and these will be dealt with easily with this tool. If anyone asks from Bermuda if this deals with Mexican or Brazilian pepper, fiddlewood, sage, Chinese fan palms, Surinam cherry and other similar plants, the answer is an emphatic yes. Well done. A great tool, with my name on it as well!

 Thanks and best regards, Jonathan Clipper ordered through Joshua Bate Trading, Bermuda.


 Just wanted to drop you a line and say that I LOVE THIS TOOL! Used it today for the first time and removed a huge patch of scotchbroom I had been trying to eradicate for the last year by using my stihl saws etc. The pullerbear is my new goto tool for removing invasives and scotchbroom.
 Just wanted to say Thank You for creating such an awesome tool. You guys / gals rock!
 Thanks again,
Dennis Gee
Bandon Oregon

I'm so excited about this product of yours and I've forwarded your website on to a few trail building buddies of mine. It's going to be a great tool and just what I was looking for!
Lynn Willis
Banner Elk, NC.

Bought my unit a year ago and finally got around to using it. So impressed I made a video.

Mark Miller
Be sure to Subscribe to Wis.Gardener on YouTube

I just received my Pullerbear Pro XL and put it to work on countless, short buckthorn stumps. I am really impressed. I chose your product because I needed a puller that gripped short stumps. I've cut our
buckthorn for years with brush cutters and brush mowers which obviously leave a stump. I thought I would try the Pullerbear to achieve a more permanent solution. Buckthorn have a shallow root system so they are no match for the Pullerbear.
 I only have about 100,000 stumps to go (slight exaggeration.)
Thanks for a great product

Mitch Jorgensen

Stillwater, MN


 I just ordered 5 XL and 1 Cub on your website hooray! We received a grant from a local food co-op to expand out tools for land stewardship! I forgot to select the engraving, just like I forgot when I ordered my own Pullerbear a few years ago (which I adore). Could the tools please be engraved with “SOLC"? The order is from Ashland, Oregon in the name of our ED Diane Garcia, Southern Oregon Land Conservancy.
 Thank you,

Kristi Mergenthaler
Stewardship Director
 Southern Oregon Land Conservancy

I just ordered my second Pullerbear.
Please add Marie Evans to my order for the Pullerbear Cub XL
I ordered your Pullerbear Pro a couple of years ago. It is fantastic. I have cleared numerous volunteer trees from my yard and fenceline and from another property with small maple trees everywhere. I decided we needed a smaller one for some cramped spaces and shrubby weeds. Can't wait for my new Pullerbear.
Best tool ever.
Marie Evans
Park Ridge IL.

Just received my pullerbear today in the mail. Pickup is already 1/2 full of brush/stumps. Stopped for lunch, looked outside, my kids are fighting over it. Absolutely no complaints! Thank You so much. I'm a union ironworker.... Went over this with a fine tooth comb, couldn't find one bad weld...LOL you even personalized it with my "welded" initials, how cool is that. Took some before pictures of the yard, when I'm done I'll send you the after picture. I'm gonna gain about 3/4 acre, when cleared.
 Thanks Again
Pete Allen
Derby CT.

just wanted to let you know received/enjoy item very much.

Robert Mohr

Manhattan, Kansas

Used my new Pullerbear today for the first time and it works amazing! Makes quick work of the infestation that is on my 1.5 acres.
 Thank you for a quality product,

-Bailey Leiendecker
Olympia Wa.

Thanks for making the awesome product and selling with such confidence and price caps the competition.  I look forward to getting it as soon as feasible!
Tony Johansson
Barrington, IL

I currently own a Brushgrubber, but find that I have to let the Cherry Laurels get fairly large before I pull them up with it, and of course it requires my truck, a chain, and a helper to use.  I hope to pull the plants when they are smaller with the Pullerbear without the need for the other items.  Thanks a lot, I look forward to receiving my Pullerbear.  Oh, I almost forgot, I looked at several other pullers, but I believe the PB meets my needs best.
Regards from down south
H. M. "Marty" Shingler
Donalsonville, Georgia

 I found you by searching on how to get rid of the invasive Autumn Olive. Then I found the Weed Wrench being recommended but out of business and more searches took me to your site. I decided to buy yours because of the low clearance and also because I can add more to the base. I liked both features.
- I plan to use it to pull out the highly invasive Autumn Olive.
Vera Pesek
Pittsboro, NC

 I have heard great things about your product. We intend to use it on a 4 acre lot of scotchbroom.
 I just wanted to confirm that we would receive our pullerbear by the 20th hopefully. We are selling my property on Washington and we reside in California. We have our flight booked to arrive at the Washington home on the 20th and will only be there three short days. We need your product there so we can get rid of as much scotchbroom as possible to be ready for realtor pictures.
Thank you so much. Also we heard of your product from a worker in the Port Orchard Lowes. He owns one for scotchbroom on his property.
Wendy Flansaas

Thank you so much for supplying us with a great tool! I can't tell you how many times I have pulled muscles in my back trying to pull small saplings of Hale Koa, Leucaena leucocephala, without once snapping off and leaving root in ground to re emerge. The Puller bar, medium size, was able to pull 1/4" to 1"+ dia. with very littler effort. Even my wife was able to pull them and they are one tough buggar with a very deep tap root. I'm going to make a video of how it works out here in Hawaii and It will probably bring you a few orders from folks like me.
Aloha, Mark White

 Just ordered your tool. I had read about a woody root puller in Restoration Agriculture, therefore I entered the key words “tools for pulling woody roots". This brought your site up about half way down the first page of results. I have no appreciation for under engineered or poorly constructed tools because time is too valuable. Sooo after some extended reading and review, I chose your product. I have a large area of privet, black berry, sumac, honeysuckle, and other invasives that need to be cleared to extend my growing area and make way for a deer fence. Hope this answer helps you to direct your efforts. Sounds like you guys work long hours, just like me. Can't say I am looking forward to this work, but hopeful your tool is as effective as described and demonstrated. (feel free to cut and paste).

 Tara Fetherling
Joelton, TN

Hi Brandi
I thought I should let you know that the two Pullerbears finally made it to us and have been in action for the first time with our volunteers group!  They are everything we could have hoped for and made short work of the silver birch saplings growing in the area we targeted for the day.  They coped with sizeable saplings but were rather clumsy for the very small ones and we are discussing whether we should have two Cub versions in addition for next season.
I have written an article for a local magazine which you may find interesting.
Kind regards
Bob Llewellin
Hamble Conservation Volunteers

Pullerbear Cub XL and Grip XL Sapling Pullerbears.

I just ordered one of your fabulous tools.
 Please weld my name on the tool

 Rick Alfandre
New Paltz, NY

I found your company by a google search for weed wrench as I volunteer as part of Georgia Native Plant Society Privet pulls in our neighborhood. So glad to find your website and looking forward to pulling non-natives for many years!
MaryAnn Teal
Mableton, GA

I'm going to really be testing the Puller Bear on some of the big maple saplings. Some of the volunteer plants I have are too big and I'll likely need to employ a rental backhoe with a "thumb" to grab hold and really pull them out (trunk diameters well over Puller Bears 3.25-inch capacity). But once I HAVE a Puller Bear, I will no longer be watching any plants become too big before I pull them out.
Additional Comment(s):
 That was a very nice touch on your website where you refer visitors to your competitors' websites in case a visitor believes they really MUST have a tree puller before you can get one delivered to them. That kind of helpful "going-above-and-beyond" attitude is something I've experienced not very often. People with your customer service attitude are the sort of people that I WANT to try and find ways to bring my business to. Thank you. It is a privilege indeed for me to be able to benefit from the solution that you have created, i.e., Puller Bear, and have made available.
-- Greg Mead
Boise, ID

Hello Brandi,

My husband & I are very excited about having a Pullerbear. All the information you have on file for us is correct.
This is our 4th year of organizing Scotch Broom removal along the Olympic Discovery Trail
http://olympicdiscoverytrail.com/ as a fundraiser for the Dungeness River Audubon Center http://dungenessrivercenter.org/
Our team name is the BROOM BUSTERS, we love to hate Scotch Broom.
We've been using Weed Wrenches and can't wait to use a Pullerbear.
Thank you so much,

Gretha Davis
51 Sapphire Place
Sequim, WA 98382-4749

I have used a Weed Wrench in the past and heard/read that it is no longer being manufactured.  After reading about the construction of the pullerbear, I decided it would/should work as well. 
I unfortunately have a great deal of buckthorn on property that I recently purchased.  That is the main use for my new pullerbear.
Mary Swendson
Pewaukee, WI

I ordered one today because I actually used one that a lady brought with her to our work day at the TVA Native Planting Area in North Alabama last week. It was well marked with your name and contact info. I had always wanted a "Weed Wrench" but... well you already know that story.
I will be removing wild Privet and thorny locust from around my garden areas. When I receive the PullerBear, I will then be able to win the battle.bwaaaha
John Norton
Florence, AL

Please add Cheryl Batson as the weld on the pullerbear xl grip. I plan to pull buckthorn with it. Found out about you from a fellow buckthorn puller for an adopt a woodlot program who had researched you guys out and thought you were the best!
Cheryl Batson
Brooklyn center, MN

The pullerbear arrived today, well wrapped, and I was anxious to give it a try. I made my wife put her shoes back on after a long day and come outside for the inaugural pull. Our primary advisory is salmon berry. While it is pretty and provides food and shelter for birds, we simply have too much of it. Plenty will be remain when we are done reclaiming a portion of our property.
Well, the first stem was about 1.5 inches. I set up, pulled back and thought it must have been loose. It took nearly no effort. I pulled a few more with equally impressive results. That was enough for today. The weekend will be here soon enough and look forward to a day of clearing, I was dreading before I found your product.
Thanks for a quality tool!
Dave Grimmer
Marrowstone Island, WA.

The Pullerbear is a ?birthday ?gift for my daughter-in-law, whose name is Zuzana. Please weld it on. ?Her birthday is April 10, if that's any help. ?
I never heard of this tool before, but it is just what she needs to pull out ?small ?brush on an urban, wooded lot. I saw it mentioned on our Missouri Native Plant Society Facebook page, where a man posted, "I got me a Pullerbear. My bush honeysuckle hates it!"? Then I searched for it by name. ?
Carrollton, MO

To whom it may concern,
When I was living up in King County (Washington State), I heard of a tool for removing scotch broom that I could borrow from the county, but the weeds in my area were easy enough to pull by hand, (very rocky and sandy soil) and so never went much further than that. I have since moved to Thurston County (also Washington) and recently bought land that had a fair amount of the weed. I searched for how to remove scotch broom and found the web site for my county which sent me to a link to a company who is no longer in business. I then did a search on just scotch broom pullers and found several companies, but I wasn't ready to buy just yet and I am glad I didn't. I rented your tool from Lew Rental, a local company, and fell in love with the power of your tool, but also discovered my son and I needed a lighter version of the Pullerbear Pro XL. I have ordered the Pullerbear Cub XL for my son and the Pullerbear 2 in 1 for myself. We own an acre and a little bit and about half of that and a lot of the land adjacent has lots of scotch broom.
 I have already put in long hours and multiple days of pulling and have made barely a dent in the problem, but I also have nice large piles of uprooted scotch broom to gloat over. Take that noxious weeds!
Teresa Ellis
Thurston County, Wa.

 It is GREAT that you will weld my name onto the PullerBear. I had a similar large brush-pulling tool called the Weed Wrench that someone borrowed from me and never returned. I hope that having my name welded right onto it will prevent that from happening again.
 Thanks very much! I'm looking forward to receiving my PullerBear!
 All the best,
- David Atkin
Eugene Oregon

Just completed my checkout and wanted to let you know how I found you. I searched for tools to pull out scotch broom and then found a video of someone using the Extractigator and then I searched for Extractigator and found both sites and decided on the Pullerbear.
 Planning to pull a lot of broom (hopefully I picked the right size please let me know if I should have picked a different one) and hopefully you got the comment to weld “Falcon Farm on the shaft.
 Also, can you send me an invoice so I have it for tax time.
Fraser Baldwin
Saltspring Island, BC

Why: I like your web info. It is very matter-of-fact, clear and concise. The comparisons led me to buy the Pullerbear tool instead of another name.
I found Pullerbear after finding another version in Northern Tool's catalog. I decided to search the web for comparison before buying and that's when I found Pullerbear.
I searched under "grubber", not knowing what else to search under. I looked past the brand that was in the Northern Tool catalog (they came up first in Google) and I think Pullerbear came up at the bottom of the first page of hits.
I'll be pulling barberry (thorny stuff not nice for the kids to play around, and a magnet for deer ticks which carry Lyme disease in Connecticut - already blessed a friend with a case of Lyme). I'll also be pulling briar that I can't identify. The briar also has nasty thorns, bears no fruit, runs a good tap root, and spreads prolifically by runners. Besides those two I have plenty of poorly placed saplings to pull and will try this tool out on a wide variety of vines. In all, I have at least a few hundred plants I wish to cull on my property. Cutting back each year isn't working, and pulling by hand after loosening roots with a fork is just too slow.
Looking forward to receipt.
Best regards,

Todd Schutte
Manchester, CT

Dear Sir or Madam:
I just made an order on your website.  Prescott - from Warsaw, VA, USA.
Product chosen:  PullerBear Pro    WYNOI = BARBER
My husband and I looked over the comparison, and decided we liked the expandable base and some of the other features.  (Plus he liked the name - we have this running joke about bears.)  I wanted the medium one, but my husband will tend to go after the bigger things with it and we needed something that looked "Marine-proof" (as in USMC).  Then he found out you'd weld his name on it and he was all excited. 
Best regards,

Sabrina Prescott
Warsaw, VA

I'm really excited about my pullerbear.  I recently took out a 70' long 4' tall privet hedge with a weed wrench but after reviewing the info on your website, I decided to order a pullerbear for my next project.  We bought a house and I will be taking out Amur Bush Honeysuckle here in Nashville.  I found you with some googling, but I can't remember if I found the weed wrench, uprooter or what first.  But I do recall that I didn't immediately discover this tool when I was searching "best way to remove privet" and stuff like that.

Could you please weld FL Logan on my pullerbear?

Thank you!

Fielding Logan

Nashville, TN

I found out about Pullerbear as a young man I hired to work in my yard was so excited about his order all I knew was it was from Canada and I watched him use it several times.  When I decided to buy one for myself, it was easy to find so soon I will have one of my own.  Looking forward to receiving it as well. 
Rhea Williamson
North San Juan, CA

Hi, there,
I learned about you from the Seattle Parks Department folks who own 2 and lend them out to volunteer forest stewards, such as myself.

I decided they are so nifty, I want one of my own. There are alot of invasive and/or non-native tree starts and shrubs in Seattle natural areas to be removed, including non-native flowering cherry trees, hawthorne, walnut and just too many hazelnuts! I also clear property in mostly thickets of aspen and cottonwood.
I can't wait to get started.
Thank you for your invention!

Pam Sheets
Seattle, WA

We found out about the Pullerbear from my in-laws. My brother-in-law gave it to them for a gift. I used it yesterday clearing out some brush at their lake home. I love the satisfaction of pulling the brush out by the roots! I have an acre and a half at my home and am looking forward to using the Pullerbear to clear out a bunch of thorn bushes and other brush.

Mark and Leigh Miller

Hutchinson MN

We heard about your website and produce name through family. Other folks in the family have a weed wrench, as well as puller bears now. We have an 80 acre farm and intend to pull all sorts of saplings and "invasives" we don't want around the boundaries and old fence lines etc. Thanks so much for your product!
-Shannon Brines
Whitmore Lake, MI

I heard about you because a friend used one of your Pullerbear tools while working for The Nature Conservancy here on Kauai. I intend to pull all manner of small to medium sized plants with the tool. Everything grows vigorously here, and not everything is wanted everywhere!
Ned Dana
Lawai, HI

I received my Pullerbear, put it to work immediately and it is better than as advertised. I intend to use it to pull my sandpoint well casing and suspect it will do well saving me three times its cost in reusable drive pipe, collars and the point itself. Great product


Oh my goodness! That Pullerbear Pro just knocked our socks off. We were able to clear a section of privet that would have taken all weekend, and we did it in about an hour and a half. Such a simple design but it works like a charm. We did put on some hardwood "feet" because the ground here is pretty soft. We are loving it - Thanks!
Dan and Karla Hollenbach
Oak Ridge, TN

During my undergraduate program in Prescott College while helping to restore a small section of Lower Butte Creek in town I found your product online after researching for a mechanical tool to remove invasive Siberian Elm (Ulmus pumila) along our creek. After two years of trail I proved to the college officials the effectiveness of this tool and convince them to purchase more of the PRO pullerbaer.
 Now in my new work I introduce your product and demonstrated its effectiveness and ease of use, getting the executive director support to purchase couple more of this great product.

I love your product and after putting it to the test (now 3 years), I had various groups of volunteers ranging from high school students to adults with disabilities, all with no exception not only were able to remove many invasive trees but actually enjoyed working with the tool.
 Guy Whol
 Conservation Projects Manager
 Prescott Creeks 
 Prescott, AZ

My neighbor, who owns one. She showed it to me, and how it works. She actually wouldn't let me borrow it, because she was afraid it might get broken, and she is very attached to it! So I was forced to buy my own.
We both are using it to pull up Scotch Broom, which is an invasive plant here in Western Washington.
Eileen Monroe
Yelm, WA

A customer of yours in Ann Arbor Mi. He is a member of Master Rain Gardeners group on Facebook and was talking about how he pulls buckthorn using his Pullerbear Pro. I knew it was a good tool when he said he wouldn't lend it to anyone to use ! :~)
Cathy and Bruce Campbell
Whitmore Lake, MI

I didn't know that the weedwrench was no longer made.  I compared the pullerbear to the uprooter online, pullerbear seemed like the winner.
I intend to pull mostly scottsbroom.
Looking forward to trying it out!
-Anthony Drewitz

I found you because the Santa Clara County Firesafe Council purchased 8 of them for the community and I wanted my own.
 Expect to primarily pull French Broom, Scottish Broom

David Montagna
Los Gatos, CA

I'd like to say how happy I am with my first purchase of a Pullbear Pro.
It was quick and easy to figure out and use, the results were amazing!
I was able to pull out all sorts of nuisance plants and trees.
This tool will make clearing our property much easier.

I am a very skeptical person, and it took me several days of watching videos of your Pullerbear products and reading reviews before I placed my order.

I am grateful that I took a chance and made the purchase.

Thank you
Chad Lindsey
Captain Cook, HI

It was a lot of work, but we finished the initial cleanup.
Some of the trees were just to tough for the PullerBear so we employed the "Pulley Mammoth", my pickup with a chain and choker. There are a few left that I just had to cut down, though.
As expected, the PullerBear made short work of the Scotch Bloom.
Thanks again,

Andy Nicoll
Hillsboro OR.

I honestly can say that this is the best way to extract shrubs, bushes and small trees! Unbelievable power pulls out a 2 1/2 foot taproot! Amazing tool!!! Best money ever spent!!!
William Falck
Shoreview MN.


I just placed an order and would like our name welded on it.

Last name:

Thanks for doing this. We learned about the Pullerbear from our neighbor. She just got one recently and let us try it on a stubborn blackberry growing in the boxwood hedge between our yards. It was too hard to reach with a shovel and growing right next to the trunk of the boxwood. My husband removed it with ease! We were sold at that moment.
We will use this to remove blackberries and small unwanted trees and shrubs.

Thanks again!

Bellingham WA.

Thanks guys for the prompt delivery. I'm taking a load of gear over to the work site (115 miles away) tomorrow. This is the perfect time to clear a parking area and a spot for the portable toilet.
I had to try it out so here is a photo of the first hapless victim. Genius! HHHHMMMMHAAa1
I have a good source of scrap aluminum plate. Any problem using that for the foot extensions instead of wood?
 It's still pretty whet here.

Andy Nicoll
Hillsboro OR.
Hi Andy,
We're glad your Pullerbear arrived in time and you've already put it to use. (I hope your wife didn't want that plant anymore).
Alluminum plate will make an excellent additional base, it's just a little more difficult to attach than using wood screws.
Thanks for the feedback and the picture.
Randy Paisley
ProQuo Services Canada Ltd.

Hi, I'd like the following welded on the Pullerbear Pro I ordered. CBY-PRT
That's short for City & Borough of Yakutat, Parks, Recreation & Trails. I'm buying this to pull willow and alder in our parks and recreational sites. I found you through a search for weed wrench, as a friend in Washington State has one, and recommended them. Upon discovering they are no longer made, I compared various models and selected yours in part because of the free shipping.
I'm excited to get this and try it out. We have willow growing on the edges of a ballfiield that are damaging the fencing. I hope to be able to yank them out by the roots. They aren't large, but the root balls are getting bigger each time somebody cuts them off. Hoping to solve that!
Thanks for the informative website!
Rhonda Coston
City Planner
CBY - Yakutat, Alaska

The following is my posting on my Sand County Naturalist blog site today.
 Ooh! Ooh! I got my new Pullerbear tool today! These are used for uprooting invasive bushes and small trees with minimal damage to the surrounding environment or your back. The victims in this first test case were honeysuckle bushes. As you can see by the heavenly aura that appeared over the last bush removed, the Lord smiles on removal of problem bushes taking over places where they don't belong.

Doxsee Dossier on the Pullerbear

Paul Doxsee

Stevens Point, WI

First, wanted to say thanks! We were looking for a weed wrench and are so glad there is a tool that we were able to find that is like that (since they are no longer available). Here is the info you requested on there receipt page:
- How you found us: online search
- Search words used: tool like weed wrench" In a comment on Amazon we heard about the Extractigator and had already looked on their website, but then searched using words quoted and your website comparison of the three products (plus the one we had just looked at on Amazon) was the top of the search list. And the comparison completely convinced us.
- What plants you intend to pull: french broom that is taking over our outdoor space!
Also, it said something about getting a name welded onto it? Is that offer still available? If so, we would love to have our last name (Marchessault) on it. We regularly take tools for various outdoor volunteer projects in our area and are always working to make sure we get all our tools back. :)
Thanks again and we look forward to receiving it!
Rachel Marchessault
Soquel, CA


 I'm excited to meet the Pullerbear! I've used weed wrenches before at work on Scotch broom, but wanted to get my very own tool. Jim from Selma, OR highly recommended your wrench. The focus will continue to be on Scotch broom.
 Thank you,

Kristi M.
Talent OR.

Hi Pullerbear,
I just ordered one of your Pullerbear Grip XLs, and I don't remember exactly how I found your site. I know I was looking for a Weed Wrench -- a product I've used before with great success. Then I discovered that the guy that manufactured those has: 1) given up on our country, and 2) is therefore no longer making Weed Wrenches. I don't really understand what the connection is between the two. After I stopped laughing I got serious about finding an alternative, and that's when I found your "Compare" page. It looks like you're offering a similar, and perhaps superior product. And who doesn't like Canada?!
I'm part of a small "Firewise" community in the upper Skagit River valley, in the North Cascades. We'll be using your tool to remove Scotch Broom and whatever else we feel the need to rid ourselves of. Himalayan Blackberry, perhaps. We've used a comparable-sized Weed Wrench to remove Scotch Broom before, to great effect.
We're looking forward to receiving and using your product!

Mark Malone
Marblemount, WA, USA

Just to let you know -
Here's why I bought the Pullerbear:
I used one while pulling weeds while volunteering with a habitat-restoration group in Seattle, WA.
I don't remember the brand that we used, but I think the one I used was the Extractigator.  Pullerbear better be good!
I searched for “blackberry puller came up after Extractigator.
I will use it mostly to pull Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius).
Thanks so much!
-Mark Simon
Seattle WA.

 Got the Pullerbear Pro today, pulled up 10 buckthorn plants within the first 5 min! Great tool works as advertised, well worth the cost and wait!
Bill Rutz
Jordan, MN.

Hi, I just ordered my Pullerbear! I'd like my name, Rebecca Hall, welded on it. My county lends out WeedWrenches for free, but it's a pain because you have to reserve the thing, go pick it up, leave a large cash deposit, and bring it back the next day. So I try to pull everything in sight and give myself sciatica. The WeedWrench does not do well with deer- and elk-browsed Scotch broom that branches right at ground level. I'm pulling Scotch broom. Endlessly. Mine. My neighbors'. I'm currently using a pick in the ground next to the stem of the plant, then heeling the plant over and stepping on it and prying the root out of the ground. It works, but it's hard work. So I Googled WeedWrench and poked around and found your company. Looks like a better mousetrap. I want my very own. Might lend it to the neighbor boy. Might even hire the neighbor boy.
Becky Hall
Port Angeles WA

Hi Becky,
We feel your pain... pulling your own broom is one thing, trying to get your neighbour to do the same is another. When we rent to locals we usually start them out with a new Pullerbear and 9 times out of 10 they end up buying it. The same thing, one day isn't long enough and the work is hard so spreading the task out over a few is more bearable, but when you start adding the days it only makes sense to just own it. We credit the rental charge toward the purchase. You won't be disappointed and we admire anyone that is willing to pull that invasive multiplying monster. Pulling and destroying it is good therapy.
We've added "Rebecca Hall" to your work order.
Thanks for choosing Pullerbear.
Best regards,
Randy Paisley
ProQuo Services Canada Ltd.
1 877 943 3607
My mailman delivered my new Pullerbear Saturday--2 days early--woo hoo! He said the folks at the post office wanted to know what it was for. Pulling boards loose when dismantling a deck? he asked. I told him I wanted it for pulling Scotch broom and he looked at me sideways and said, "YOU pull Scotch broom? (I'm little. And kind of old.) "Yup. You know that road you drove in on? You notice the Scotch broom is in big dead piles now?" Well, a lot more of it is in big dead piles today. I learned a thing or two doing that--probably common sense, and maybe everybody knows these things and maybe they wouldn't agree with me anyway, but here they are:
1. If you're working on a slope, pull across the slope, not up or downhill.
2. Position the closed side of the jaws uphill from the stem so gravity helps you get it where it needs to be.
3. Use your foot to position the jaws; it saves your back if you don't bend over, and your heel works best unless you wear steel-toed boots.
4. Push the handle down in jerks rather than smoothly. Roots let go of the dirt better this way.
5. If you're a lightweight or a wimp like me, release that sucker as soon as it's out of the ground. It's much easier to drag it to the pile or the pickup without having to also heft the Pullerbear.
I'm a big fan of yours. The Pullerbear works dandy. Pulled broom for a couple of hours in a lovely light rain, enough to feel I deserved to put my feet up. Enough to get my Pullerbear dirty. My name shows up really well now.

I just ordered a Pullerbear Grip XL (using PayPal) but forgot to add in the name to be welded on it: KINNE

Ann Kinne
Chittenango, NY
P.S. My husband found and selected your tool. He initially googled Weed Wrench since that was mentioned in some forestry materials. However, after reviewing your comparison page and looking at all tools (including Uprooter and Extractigator) he settled on the Pullerbear. He plans to use it for removing Buckthorn, Bush Honeysuckle, and possibly Multiflora Rose.

Please put my initials on it RMP
I plan to pull out a bunch of Autumn or Russian Olive trees. These things are invading the mountain areas of Southwest Virginia and are everywhere on some family property I inherited. I hate those plants
 A state agriculture publication I found while searching for how to eradicate there Olive trees said to use a Weed Wrench. I searched for that and your site was one one of the results.
You guys look like you have your act together and the Weed Wrench guy seems to be a nut job to me. Good luck to him closing his business in protest because he forgot to pay his taxes! The US Gov is going to really miss that revenue, am sure the president has an emergency meeting now to discuss it ;-)

Russell Pennington
Greensboro, NC

A friend of mine, who is a landscaper has one of your pullerbear pros and loves it. I tried it and it was just too heavy for me.
I will leave the tougher, larger trees for him to pull out, but would like one that I could use for smaller stuff. I'm fighting a lot of privet in my yard.
Should I consider the pullerbear cub or blackberry? I am female, in my 50s and not too strong. :)
Denton, MD

Thank you, I'm very excited to get this so I can remove these annoying saplings, as it stands now my yard is an obstacle course when trying to mow and your design looks like the best I've seen.
By the way, if possible I'd like to change the text on the weld to read "Matthew 15:13", instead of my name. Although I don't make a habit of putting Bible verses on my tools, I just happened to see this today and I thought it was fitting. I have no way of knowing if you like or hate the bible, but if you're curious what it says, here is the text from the new international translation...
"Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots"
As you can see it seems fitting for such an awesome tool, so if it's not too late to make this change to my order please do so.
I've also shown this tool to several friends and family who are excited and eager to come see it in use and try it, so if you like about the story of Tom Sawyer and whitewashing the fence, I may get some free labor out of this lol, and you may get some more orders if they like it.
I saw on your website that you wanted to know how customers found out about your product. I recently had a lot of trees removed and dozens of saplings that were cut off and 3-6 inches in height and I was trying to find the easiest way to deal with them. I considered digging just enough to lop the top off below ground level so the yard could be mowed, but then someone told me about a device that drilled them out like a hole saw so you could pull them out easily. I wasn't able to find anything like that and imagine even if I did it would require a powerful drill, so I began looking at bush grubbers and saw a picture of your device that lead me to a video and finally your website. I ordered the best one you offered and although most of my saplings are under 2" diameter, I didn't want to be stuck if I found one that was slightly too big. I also wanted one that was going to be strong enough to get the job done.
Thanks again and I look forward to getting my new pullerbear.
Donald Ball
7570 Lancaster Pike
Hockessin Delaware

Greetings Pullerbear folks!
Today, while discussing brush eradication, we got onto bush honeysuckle, which was said to only thrive when it's cut instead of pulled. I mentioned I had a broken T-post I'd use as a prybar, when one of our group members chimed in with a plug for your product. I looked it over, did a little comparing, and came back to order. We'll be pulling bush honeysuckle, autumn olive, poison ivy, multiflora rose, various volunteer trees (elm, black walnut, hackberry, juniper), as well as stubborn weeds. We're looking forward to using the product.
Paul Landkamer
Warrensburg, MO

We borrowed a Weed Wrench from a neighbor and tried it for a week.  Neighbor said WW wasn't made anymore but gave us the reference to Pullerbear.  We researched other brush removal sites, but Pullerbear hooked us.
Our son and wife were helping us clear tan oak on our property .we have 8 acres and have so many 2-4 feet high that come up among the redwoods.  We are constantly worried about fire and tan oaks are so flammable.
Son and wife have close to 300 acres, much sagebrush, so they'll use the Pro on their property.
Lorre Emery

Hi, I spent a few hours pulling bitter brush here in central Oregon, it's an invasive species and if you don't pull it the government will basically shoot you. So, my backs hurting and came into the house poured a fine Oregon ale ( fresh squeezed ipa by Deschutes Brewery ).
Now, I'm pretty handy and had figured to make me a weed puller and scanned you tube for ideas. One piece preferably. Then I saw a video on yours and said why reinvent the wheel, ordered it, poured another beer and am waiting in anxious anticipation of its delivery. If it works good it will just be another example of how handy I am!
Dianne MacMillan
LaPine OR.


 Thank you for making this product at such a reasonable cost!
We can't wait to try it!
We heard about you by word of mouth at a Missouri Conservation Meeting on controlled burns for wildlife habitat.
We will be trying it on Tartarien (not sure of spelling) Honeysuckle.


 Gary Muetzelfeld

Davisville, MO

We'd like to order some Puller Bears for our Scot's Broom Free By campaign on Whidbey Island:
2 - PullerBear Pro
7 - PullerBear Grip XL
We previously got a PullerBear Grip XL, an Extractigator, and we already had a Weed Wrench. Our conclusions from comparative field testing:
Weed Wrench - We don't have one of the “new" Weed Wrenches (Uprooter), so this based on our experience with a well used elderly. While totally indestructible, the tendency of the jaws to stick is annoying, though it can be easily dealt with in the field by frequent spraying with Pam. But the lack of the “rocker" extension on the base, such as Extractigator and PullerBear have, places Weed Wrenches at an obvious mechanical disadvantage.
Extractigator - The (comparative) light weight is nice. The automatically opening jaws (when lifted) are nice. The automatically opening jaws (when lifted) are annoying, since it requires a second step of hand pulling because of the lateral roots frequently present on, e.g., Scot's Broom or Holly.  This feature can be a plus or a minus depending on the situation. The high jaw height (above ground level) is a minus, since it makes dealing with previously mowed bushy Scot's Broom difficult. We'll have a few of these in the stable.
PullerBear - The low jaw height (ground level) is very helpful when dealing with previously mowed Scot's Broom which has re-sprouted and is bushy at the base. And being able to have them permanently labeled is a huge plus, since these will be used at work parties and also made available through a renting/lending library system. Overall, the best for the $$. PullerBears wil be the main work horses in the stable.
Whidbey Environmental Action Network
Preservation     Education     Restoration

Puller bear -
Pulled this yesterday - the bolo is 17" long, the tap root was over 24", what made this one hard is that the 2 side roots were big. The main tap root was 2-1/4" dia. It still took a lot of effort to yank due to its size.
The weed is known as “Haole Koa" here in Hawaii, grows fast to 10+ and keeps going. It is highly invasive, botanically known as Leucaena leucocephala.
 People here cut is level w/ the ground and deal with the stump or dig it out, very few know about products like this.
 Keep making them, don't close your business.
James Morimoto - Hawaii
Reply: We don't plan on it James, this has been a blast for the last 12 years and getting feedback, like yours, just adds to the fun.
Randy Paisley

Haole Koa puller


It's been a few years since I bought our Pullerbear. It's time to tell my story . . . . .
We live on the rugged coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Our bit of land is a pile of glacial rubble, left behind by the last retreating ice age. It's a tough place to live. Whatever you are, person, plant or critter‚you have to adapt if you want to survive here. We all find our ways.
You can see it everywhere you look on the seashore, in the flooded bogs and fens, along the wild fields and open meadows, and even in the ink-dark forest where tall trees grow among fiddlehead ferns. Life clings to life.
Plants of every size must reach down into this rocky ground and grab on tight, and hold on against the battering winds that blow long and fierce in every season. They wrap their roots around the buried rocks, the way we wind rope around a boulder to anchor a fence post in the ground. Their roots push through the gaps underground, and squeeze through crevices in broken stone, ever seeking room to grow. Where they find space, the roots grow as thick as a man's arm. And where it is narrow, they thin out as wide and flat as a pancake. They are nature's highest example of adaptation.
And they are wretched pains-in-the-arse to get out of the ground.
The first time I saw the Pullerbear ads, I thought, "Yeah, right‚ I wish!" It looked like just another "miracle tool" ‚ if it fit in the Pullerbear's jaws, it'd be out of the ground zip-zap, just like that. "Huh!" But then there were those videos, and the testimony letters that really said something. That seemed to make a certain good sense. "Could it be? Maybe . . . ?"
I needed to do some serious research online.
What I found was loads of reviews and comments by folks who swear by the Pullerbear, and none who had anything awful to say about it. I decided to order one. I admit that I paid my money with a nervous hand. And the word "sucker" played around in my brain while I waited for delivery here in eastern Canada. But in the end, my angst was wasted energy‚ I could have just gone with the people who said "buy it, you won't regret it."
My first clue that they were right came when I lifted the box to the table‚ whoa, this thing is heavy!
Then I opened the packaging and had my first look at the Pullerbear ‚ this is certainly well made.
I checked it over, top to bottom ‚very well made, indeed!
And then came the real test outdoors . . . . .
I called on Peter, our friendly all-around-helper-guy. We watched the how-to video, then headed out the door with the Pullerbear in hand, and lingering doubts in our heads. Peter started off pulling out the small stuff, a few shrubby perennials and stubborn briars ‚ that was easy-peasy. So he moved up to the hefty alder bush‚ no contest, nice surprise. Then came small trees and shrubs of all sorts . . . and then he was pulling up Spruce trees taller than he could reach! That's Peter in the photo, holding two of his Pullerbear trophies:
That was then, a few years back when we took the Pullerbear out for the first time. Since then it's been used to clear out a lot of trouble. And every time, it's been a jaw-dropping experience.
My bottom line conclusion?
Pullerbear is by far the fastest, the easiest, the most economical and environmentally safe way to clear aggressive bush from tough land.
Good-bye to the days when we had to haul bush cutters, saws, axes and wrecking bars to do the job.
Good-bye to those nasty chemicals we had to spray on the sprouts that inevitably grew on the "dead" stumps.
Good-bye to those stubborn bits of root and trunk we could never get out at all‚ hard, sharp, and lying in wait for tender ankles and toes.
Good-bye to the days when a call to clear bush was an invitation to misery.
Hello, Pullerbear!
Our Pullerbear does it all for us now, nice and easy. I've even used it successfully from my wheelchair, all by myself, just to prove that I can. And because I'm a bit of a stubborn old lady. But for the most part, I hand it over to Peter to pull and pile ginormous heaps of unwanted shrubs, vines, briars and trees . . . while I sit in the sun on the deck and supervise.
Just the way I like it.
Rochelle Oxford

Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia Tree Puller

I tripped across the Extractigator website and liked what I saw. I went to place an order and thought the shipping charges were just too high, so I decided to search google to see if anyone sold them closer to me so the shipping wouldn't be so high. Your Compare Weedwrench, Extractigator, Brush Grubber to the Pullerbear webpage came up, so I visited it. Again, liked what I saw and since it was several dollars cheaper I ordered it!
A.D. Wade
Decatur TN

This afternoon I began using m Puller Bear on the horse weed
in my back yard. This is the tool I have needed for 25 years!
Thank you for your product and service clear down to Southern
Sincerely, Darcy Stagg
Orange, CA.

I got the Pullerbear today and was amazed at the beefiness, welds and construction. I give you guys and gals five stars as far as a heavy duty device is concerned. I haven't used it yet (will do so later) but I can't see how it will not perform as stated. Thank you my Canadian brothers and sisters for a real high quality tool. I ll spread the word about it as everyone has nuisance bushes, they just don't know how to get rid of them. I will soon educate them.
Thanks again.
Joe Luka
Stroudsburg, PA

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I have been wanting one of these for several years and finally figured out what it was and how to get it. I attended a class on weed identification and eradication by Utah State University professor Ralph Whitesides 5 or 6 years ago and he was showing us a tool that was either a Pullerbear or something that looked like it. I have never forgotten that and I have lots of Siberian elm saplings that grow up in the middle of my roses and perennial borders. Digging them out by hand is a pain. I didn't know what the name of Dr. Whiteside's tool was so I googled sapling pullerand the Pullerbear was the first result (actually the first four or five results). I read the testimonials, watched the videos and read your descriptions of your product. I love how genuine and plain-talking you are about your product. I am excited to welcome this new family member.

 Would you please weld on the name Robyn Gray Webb if it's not too late? Thank you.

 I ordered the Pro because I figured bigger is better and even though I don't have 3" saplings, I like the idea of the stronger handle. If it proves to be too heavy for me I'll order a 2 in 1 and have the Pro for backup. I can't tell you how excited I am to get to work with my Pro!

Robyn Gray Webb

Springville, Utah 84663

My sister bought a Weed Wrench years ago. I fell in love. When I went to buy my own, Googling "sapling puller", I found they had gone out of business then found your site. I compared others but yours looks the all-around best.
Will pull lots of maple saplings and those wild nut trees that bear no fruit, poke berry, and other things I can't name, ranging from .25-1.5 inches.

Thank you for your most informative site and what I hope to be a great product.
Barb Parks
Huntsville, AL.

Found you: Searched for Weed Wrench‚.Buddy has one I've borrowed. It seemed clumsy to use but worked. Tried a weed puller from the store but handle broke off first try to use it. Searched for Weed Wrench and first link I clicked on was the comparison link of the Pullerbear to the Weed Wrench. I know I didn't really like the Weed Wrench even though it worked, and I liked the Zero height ground grab of the Pullerbear, so I thought I'd give it a try. Besides, writing my name on it is pretty cool !!!! Great offer to put your product over the top.
 I need to pull buck thorn, and misc. trees cherry, oak, maple that grow up in the middle of my bushes and go unseen for 2-5 years before they start growing out of the bushes. By then they are impossible to pull.

 Looking forward to Getting the Pullerbear ASAP to get a head of all the summer growth.


Jeff Dunn

Good Morning!
I just purchased a Pullerbear and am so excited to try it out! I'd like to have CARRILLO welded onto it, if you don't mind.
I found your website by accident. I googled "tools for pulling saplings out by the roots" and a forum mentioned the WeedWrench. After perusing their defunct(?) site, I went back to the gardening forum and read further. The PullerBear was then listed as a great tool...voila, I'm at your site and am impressed with the comparisons.
Thank you for your time.
Andrea Lukuch

Columbus, Ohio

Last week I started on my third year of Scotch Broom pulling on our 2.5 mile road.
Pulled a big one this morning. See attached.
Feels good to get a good workout every morning pulling for an hour or so. Beats using the elliptical!
Thanks for making the Pullerbear!
Tom Beckman

Boulder Creek, CA.


Scotch Broom Puller - Pullerbear.


Dear PullerBear Folks:
I was an old fan of the famous-yet-no-longer-extant WEED WRENCH, still in need of one more weeding tool. Thankfully, my computer research found PULLERBEAR. What a serendipitous find! Not only are the people who run PULLERBREAR definitely NOT facile-minded reactionaries -- as apparently is WEED WRENCH's grumpy and now retired owner -- but PULLERBEAR's design exceeds his and all other comers hands down in both functionality and price.
As someone who lives (and pulls weeds) in Hawai'i 52 weeks every year, I applaud the folks at PULLERBEAR for their know-how, perspicacity, and good humor.
Kirk Francis,
Laupahoehoe, Hawai'i,
Happy Holidays from all of us here at Big Banana Farms!
Reply: Thanks Kirk, but what does "facile" and "perspicacity" mean... we're not that shrewd <;)

I have been using Weed Wrenches and LOVE them - for buckthorn here in Chicago.
But as you probably know, Tom has shut down operations.
But I need more! And I had already seen ways to improve on the WW.
So I VERY much look forward to receiving the Pullerbear - and then ordering more for my volunteers if it works as advertised.

Hello Brandi!
The PullerBear arrived yesterday and we already put it to work. We are delighted!

Best reagrds,


Hey! I am very excited about finding this great tool to give my husband for his birthday! The Pullerbear does look like the best of its kind and he is going to love it.
Beth Allgood
Ridgeland, MS

I've used a Pullerbear Grip XL for a year now. I bought a new home that has a large woods full of buckthorn. The Pullerbear has been fantastic. I'll fault my own muscles before I fault the Pullerbear. It has excellent, solid construction. I rarely have a problem with the jaws slipping on the trunk (maybe one of every 40 trees). There are times when the surrounding soil is soft, & the Pullerbear base sinks in so that I can't get good leverage to pull the tree. I've found that I can toss a large rock or branch under the base to get around that (plus, you can bolt a larger base to it if you want to - they have bolt holes for that - I just choose not to). I've lent it to a friend, who just placed an order for the Pullerbear Pro. I'm considering getting the smallest one so I can clear the 2-4' buckthorn saplings (I go through leather gloves pretty fast pulling them by hand, although feeling the roots give _is_ pretty satisfying!). In short - I HIGHLY recommend the Pullerbear.
Chas M.
Minneapolis, MN

My husband and I just ordered a small tree puller for my sister's birthday.  My dad (Jerry Boulton, Canby MN) had ordered the large one and we had so much fun pulling out trees.  He then ordered the little one too.  When I asked my sister what she wanted for her birthday, she said a tree puller.
Jennifer Dressen
Tyler, MN

"Our Pullerbear Pro arrived today so I just HAD to try it first thing.. Picked a roughly 3 inch diameter weed sapling. What was taking me about 30 mins and at least 2 good quality strong nylon rope breaks, took just about 1 minute with the Pullerbear Pro... Worth Every Penny Spent! Definately Recommend....."
Dale Herrington
Knoxville, TN

In the end, what sold me on your machine was the fact that I could grab close to the ground (so I could cut trunks now to get access and still pull the trunks later) and the jaws looked inescapable and beefy. The YouTube videos were the closer. I intend to pull honeysuckle trees, some of which are a couple of inches diameter.
Looking forward to getting one (and before the ground dries up).
Mitch Cordover
Chesterfield, MO

We searched the competition and read the comparisons that you show on your site, and your tool seems to be the best, hands down. My favorite thing is that it can grab plants at or below grade a little.
Dennis Dale
Warrenville, IL

I just ordered a Pulls-All and would like RCRC soldered on it. I ordered one last month for a non-profit that I'm with. We used it this weekend on french broom and loved it. We have so much broom on our property site. Everyone was so excited about your product‚ they all wanted a turn- so they asked me to order 2 more . I found your site after going to the weed wrench site and finding that they are not too happy with us Californian's and wouldn't sell to us‚ I've always thought we were pretty nice. So just searched on web and there you were. I am very happy with the quality of your product and happy to purchase from our wonderful northern neighbors.
Thank You
Tony Perez

Gualala, CA

To the folks at Pullerbear,

Ten years ago I purchased three carbon fiber Rainsong acoustic guitars. My expectations of them were fairly high, but those expectations could not compare to actually holding the 12 string and belting out‚“Tuesday Afternoon"‚ by the Moody Blues, or “Tell Me To My Face"‚ by Dan Fogelberg. My high expectations were blown out of the water.
It happened again today, with the Pullerbear.

This marvel of simple engineering is everything you folks said it was going to be. Melissa and I just pulled three or four of the punji sticks in our back yard leftover from a poor clearing job that cost a fortune. One of the punji sticks was at least two feet in the ground‚ and a minute later, no it wasn't. This thing is The Bomb.
Thanks from Wilmington!

Don & Melissa Ward

P.S. Melissa says I shouldn't use "punji sticks" to describe our back yard, but I do believe that name best covers what will soon be gone from our yard. Thanks, folks!

Pullerbear Tree Puller.

I am extremely happy with my Pulls-All bought last year but finally used this week. It easily does everything you said it would to clear invasive scotch broom on our five acres. Over the years I've done everything from chain saw at ground level, heavy duty brush mower, lopper at ground level and spraying with triclopyr chemical. The Pulls-All is by far the easiest and quickest method.
Side note: Rather than burning, I just pile it up in an adjacent wooded area and let it decompose. Scotch broom does not grow in the shade, so no problems with reseeding.
Thanks for designing, building and selling a great tool at a fair price.
Bob Scott
Port Orchard, WA, USA

Dear Randy
We were able to test your Pullerbear Pro for a year now under toughest conditions and we are thrilled! It exceeded our expectations and outcompeted its rivals (extractigator, weed wrench) by far... Therefore, we would like to place an order over 25 Pullerbear Pro and 5 Pullerbear Blackbeary. The latter is marked "sold out" on your website - any chance that you'll be able to deliver this model any time soon? Could you kindly give us a quote for the above including shipping and handling or  send us  a Request for Payment for the total amount resp? Thank you!
Dr. Marco Sacchi

Dear Brandi and PullerBears,

Thanks so much for speedy delivery of PullerBear for my brother's birthday! It was a big hit!

Abigail Lipson
Cambridge MA.

Got the pullerbear, it looks amazing, and tryed it with my first scotchbroom, it worked like a champ!! thanks
Douglas Cabrera
Rainier, WA 98576

I'm excited to get the puller in hand and start yanking out my scotch broom and cedar trees!
Would you please weld on the puller "First Rain Farm"
Thank you!
Nevada City, California.


Glad I found you folks on the web (a Bing search). I was about to order an Extractigator but your comparison page changed my mind. I have a veritable forest of nasty weeds that I've been digging up ( about 1/4 acre) to prepare for some new square foot gardens. A single weed it taking me 15-20 minutes to dig up sometime, and some are over an inch in diameter at the base and over 8 inches deep.
I'd like you to engrave the my name on the handle, please.

Thanks! I'm sure hoping this works! I want the weeds gone before the snow comes, so I'm not doing this in the Spring :)

Wellington, Colorado


 All I can say is thank you. You noticed that the GRIP XL was a father's day gift and offered to rush the order so that it would make it in time and it did. My son and I were out pulling Alder saplings and Scotch Broom with ease. It took about 5 trees to become proficient and the time to pull became shorter and shorter. My son is 12 and had no problems pulling the saplings and those are about twice as hard as the Scotch Broom. I would say it was so easy that my wife would use it, but she quickly reminded me that pulling weeds is my job. But I am sure she would not have had a problem. 

 THANK YOU ALL for having the vision to make such a great product.

Lance Mefford

Bremerton, Wa.



Hi Brandi

I have received my Pullerbear Grip XL a week or so back, and am so impressed I have just ordered a Blackbeary to go with it, for smaller broom seedlings and the like.  I've pulled several doug fir seedlings (to about 6 ft high and 2 inch diam trunk) and it works like a hot-damn.  Great tool.  Prompt shipment.  Thanks.

Whaletown, BC



I just got my Puller Bear Pro today and had to try my new weapon against stumps. I admit I was skeptical after even 5 ft long pry bars and a hatchet  would not remove the stumps even after 15 minutes of "back breaking"toil.

 I picked the biggest and baddest stump I could find and with 20 seconds it was gone and below the ground too ! It had three tap roots, the longest was 2 ft long! Great product. The Puller bear easily beats every other product I bought

 I know you have no rating but even 5 stars would be too stingy. I easily give Puller Bear Pro 10 Stars.The Puller Bear Pro does what you say and easily. If you have a tough weed problem your solution is Puller Bear.

 I do not give fake reviews and have high standards. Puller bear far exceeded every expectation I could imagine.

Peggy Darlington
Winchester, VA



Mr John and I were very well pleased with the job it did but we unselfishly saved a few dozen saplings so that others would get the chance to play with the new toy too. There is no question that it functions far better for its intended use than a pulaski or prohoe. (Pic to prove it)


Pullerbear helping trail builders in Mississippi

Lady Nox

Starkville, MS


I received my Pullerbear Cub in one week and in good condition. I put it to work right away and was able to pull up some oak tap roots
that I have repeatedly broken off. They came out with ease as my attached photos will attest. Some of the smaller stems weren't strong enough to stay attatched to the old tap roots but I'll be waiting for them again in the fall. I don't have any large plants to pull in my yard. These oaks came from a rear corner of my property where I have been propagating butterfly ginger plants for years. The acorns sprout in the area and since I can't mow them they grow long tap roots very fast. I can't pull them out by hand but the tool does it with ease without destroying my ginger plants or their rhyzome roots. Some of the other plants in the photos grow freely here, especially camphor.

I hope you enjoy my attached photos. (My first kill)

Charles Smith
Mobile, AL, (US) 36606



Pullerbear Camphor Puller.




Last week I ordered and received one pulls-all. It's great and now I would like to purchase four more. Is there a discount for a multiple purchase?

Daniel Marcotte, WA



I tried out the pullerbear last night and it worked perfectly. I expected it would be a good tool based on the videos and customer feedback on your website but until you actually use it you have no idea on how easy it is to use. It is made very well and I particulary like how easily the jaws open and close, without me bending down, grabbing the stem of the salmon berry and scotch broom bushes. I would definitely recommend this tool to family and friends.

Ravensdale, WA



   Just got my Pulls-All and put it to work yesterday.   I recently bought 10 acres of mixed forest/meadow and about 2 acres is covered with Scotch Broom - some of it real dense and 10' high! I couldn't believe how easy the Pullerbear completely removed the Scotch Broom, roots and all! I'd previously spent 8 hours, with my father-in-law pulling and digging with a shovel and pick, and we removed about a 2000 square foot area of the meadow.   I cleared about 6000 square feet by myself in 5 hours yesterday. (I had to stop to go play in my soccer league!) Some of that was patches of 8 footers, tightly packed in with about 20 plants in a 5' x 5' area.   I was initially planning on just pulling the big stuff and mowing the smaller ones, but it was so easy to use that I ended up pulling everything - from the 3' high ones to the 10 ' ones. The big ones would take about 20 seconds but anything up to 6' I could remove about 5 plants a minute. If I had someone piling up the plants I was pulling I'm sure I could get up to 6 or 7 a minute! Also by targeting the big ones first, it looseded the soil enough to pull the smaller ones around it.   Thank you for such a wonderful tool. I thought this Scotch Broom would be a long term nightmare, but I am very encouraged that I can control it with this tool. I'm thinking of buying a cub or a 2 in 1 so my kids can help out - my son will be 6 next week. I'm convinced he can operate one!     Steve in Marcola, Oregon



I am interested in stocking the pullerbear. One of my customers has one and loves it. What is required to be a dealer.

Chris N. 

Wimberley TX. 





One of the most valuable tools of the weekend was the Puller-Bear. Best described as something that can extract woody plants (trees, shrubs, etc) with the flick of the wrist, the P-Bear uses leverage to do its job. As a one man show, Richard happily removed every woody plant in the new trail during the field session. You can bet he saved a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for the folks who do the same thing with a Pulaski.

International Mountain Biking Association

 by chrisandleslie




Just received my PULLERBEAR PULLS ALL and already have taken out 4 stumps from IXORA shrubs.
The last time I did this I damaged a back disc and didn't want to tackle the job again.
PULLERBEAR PULLS ALL did it within 5 seconds... one after another. No sweat.

A quality, heavy-duty product that REALLY DELIVERS what it promises !


BUY IT and you'll never be sorry....

SW Florida

Customer feedback - feel free to use on website.




Rick I. of Oliver, B.C. wrote...

We just ordered our PullerBear on Thursday and it is here already and we have tried it out pulling prickle bushes and it works great. Thank you for prompt shipping and we are enjoying your product. (Rick ordered his Pullerbear at 3:56 PM Thursday, September 24, 2009 and received it on Monday, September 28th.)


Becky D. in Wisconsin wrote...

Your product was recommended by the www.wildlifegardeners.org Forum. Highly praised as an effective tool and an alternative to using chemicals.


Rick R. of Tulsa Oklahoma wrote...

There is nothing even close to the pullerbear sold here. There were others that I found on the internet but I liked best the way yours was made and the lower price topped it off.



Jean U. of Lincolnshire IL. said...

Can't wait to try this!! An aquaintance mentioned it to me and he was very pleased with the Pulls-All.


Gord of Minneapolis said ...

Well, after considering the three choices for a tree puller, the Weed Wrench, Extractigator and the Pullerbear, I decided on the Pullerbear based mostly on the price ($109.99 delivered). The others couldn't even come close on the price. Well I received the Pullerbear last week and put it to the test on my buckthorn and it by far exceeded my expectations. I cleared an area faster than if I had went in with a chainsaw. I've never used a WW but I have used an Extractigator and the difference between that and the Pullerbear is huge. If I had to grade the aspects of each tool the Pullerbear is first in - ease of use, price, shipping costs, ability and workmanship. Thanks guys for making a tool that has just made my life easier.



Kevin said...

I have been pulling broom on my Gulf Islands property for years, it just keeps coming back. At least I can now easily keep it in check.

This spring I decided to rid my new Cowichan Valley property of broom and purchsed a Pullerbear, made locally on Vancouver Island. It's amazing, I removed about 200 plants within a few hours. I've been thinking that all the towns and villages need to have something like this available for people to borrow.


Thanks, Randy. That's a skookum tool.

Mark Young


Hi Randy
Just thought I'd drop you a line while I grab a cool glass of water (hot out in the sun today). I picked the cub up from you last night‚ now more than half way done my yard. What I really like is that in addition to the big broom stems, I can get at the stuff I mowed last year. With my hands, I just get the new growth, but with the Cub, I need only a cm of the original thicker stem, and I can pop out all the roots. Very nice.

Thanks again

Craig George



Dear Randy:
The PULLERBEAR broom, small brush and weed puller is a marvel. After taking delivery of ours this afternoon, the rest of the day was spent pulling broom and other annoying little trees out of our garden and yard.

The PULLERBEAR performed exactly as advertised. It is user friendly and nearly addictive, once you start pulling you can not stop. I had to call Sybil in for supper as she kept attacking the broom and other bushes.

We will recommend the PULLERBEAR to all our neighbours and anyone else who needs to clear underbrush etc. from their property.

Yours truly,

Gary K. & Sybil Kangas


Hi Randy great tool works like a hot damn,one thing I did not think about at the time was I am left handed takes a little bit push into place rather than a quick tug towards myself. Anyways thanks again.


John Sarginson


We bought a farm last july and my dad got us a pullerbear as a housewarming gift. The days are getting longer and my husband and I have spent two afternoons this week (after our day jobs) pulling broom - one day after another - this would of been impossible if it weren't for your tool! Although you can definately use it all be yourself, we only have one and have figured out a great system for pulling bushy little brooms together (I twist up all the pieces and angle it into the pullerbear, my husband clamps around it and pulls out, as it comes out I give it a tug, the pullerbear lets go and I throw the evil broom plant into the wheelbarrow.
I'd say we did about a 1000 plants in two afternoons.
Thanks for saving our backs and helping us protect our farmlands.

C and D



Although this may appeal to men, I'm guessing it's the women who will be using it and it looks really easy to use. We live on Vancouver Island and this tool would be very helpful in eliminating the ugly, evil, invasive Scotch Broom from our acreage. I would encourage my friends and neighbors to get one as well so we can work together to make our island an even more beautiful place! Thanks!

Donna from Duncan


Anyone that has ever tried to pull any material out of the ground with little grip will know how much of a pain it is. I can see this going somewhere. A big time and back saver for sure. A big man can rip out small trees and big weeds, but few people posses that ability. I can see a grannie going nuts with this thing in her backyard.

Freddy Fred

London Ontario


Great tool for clearing Scotch Broom
It is an excellent tool designed specifically for pulling small trees from the ground as the video demonstrated. I bought one and I am using it to control the spread of broom in my area. Very easy to use


Norm Lim



I ordered a Pullerbear on 28 July and received it today. I just gave it a whirl on three small trees in my yard and all I can say is WOW! This tool works for me and is a keeper IMHO.