Pullerbear - Eco-Friendly Vegetation Control.

 It's Easier Than You May Think To Use A Pullerbear



Watch this video and you will know how to use your Pullerbear.



That wasn't so tough.



Watch this video that shows you how to add a base to your Pullerbear.



Add any old piece of scrap wood will do.



 Pullerbear - User-Friendly Vegetation Control.

 Pullerbear - Makes Pulling Trees and Saplings easy.

 Pullerbear - Eco-Friendly Root Puller.

In the event of soft or muddy ground - the Pullerbear is the only tree puller that enables the user to attach an additional platform - any old scrap of wood will do. Just screw it to the base of the Pullerbear. A competitor wants $25 US for a custom base for their tool - all the Pullerbear requires is any old scrap of wood that you have lying around. It's just that simple!

 Pullerbear - How to Use.

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