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Pull your invasive weeds and trees out by the roots.  You won't be able to stop after one.

Sunday, July 14, 2024 

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To all those customers that have been waiting 4 to 5 weeks for your Pullerbear to arrive.

We will be posting a video in this space detailing the Pullerbears that we have shipped.  We ship 125 units per week, 25 units Monday thru Friday.  We won't read your name, but we will state your model of Pullerbear, your home town and your state/province.

Typical standard shipping time, with Fedex, is 5 to 6 business days depending on the distance you are from Vancouver Island, Brirish Columbia.  If your town wasn't mentioned, check back tomorrow.  Give the video a like and ring the bell to be notified when the next video drops.












Scotch broom seed pods - Invasive Weed



Below is some unsolicited feedback and customer videos.  All in all, it's all pretty good, but... 

Wayne Bryan Forsyth Missouri USA

Wayne Bryan of Forsyth, Missouri - May 18, 2024.  Wayne Bryan purchased a Pullerbear Pro XL321 on February 26, 2024.  After receiving his Pullerbear, and before using it, he filed a fraudulent claim, with his credit card company, and reported the Pullerbear as DEFECTIVE.  Neither the credit card company, nor Wayne Bryan informed us of the charge back, and ruled in favour of Wayne Bryan.  We emailed Wayne Bryan and asked what was up?  He said that we wouldn't return his dozens of calls and emails. There weren't any emails, and I talked to him on the phone, April 4th, and explained the jaw capacities and over time the jaw opening would get larger through wear and tear ie; sharpening. His fake grievance was that the jaw wouldn't open up to the maximum 3", it was only 2.875".  We told him that once he used it, he would find that it would fit around a 3 inch tree.  He didn't want to hear that, he said if we say on our site that it can pull 3" stems, the jaw needs to be a full 3".  I explained that that was not the case and that he should go try it.  Prior to this conversation, Wayne Bryan had already filed the charge back with his credit card company and had failed to mention that during our conversation. I mentioned this to him and he said that he wanted a refund to teach us a lesson.  He says he has no intention of returning the Pullerbear unless we pay a ransom for it, and besides, he's still using it. Wayne Bryan admitted he has been using his "free" Pullerbear, and has already pulled out over 100 trees, and it works as advertised.

He went on to insult both my wife and me, and my daughter, as we we had just picked her up from the airport.  This exchange went on for the entire 50 minute trip.  He implied that my wife was my cousin, or sister, and that my daughter was too stupid to go to a Canadian University.  I had mentioned that my oldest daughter had gone to University in St. Charles, MO, but he got confused, the daughter in the vehicle had just returned from a Canadian university in Halifax, Nove Scotia.  He then went on about Prime Minister Trudeau being Fidel Castro's son, and that he was a MAGA and we're all a bunch of commies in Canada, yada yada...    Other than this guy, we love our American cousins and customers.

For all of those waiting patiently for your Pullerbear, Wayne R. Bryan, is one reason, your wait is a little a tiny bit longer than it has to be.  This has only happened twice in over twenty years.  The first guy just ghosted us, there was no boasting of what he had pulled off.  Wayne Bryan on the other hand, he's a unique one.  We wouldn't normally air this dirty laundry, but when a type like a Wayne Bryan, threatens to knock your teeth out and calls you a cocksucker, in front of your wife and daughter, for calling out his scheme, I feel I have a duty to warn other online merchants not to sell (give) this guy anything.

Wayne Bryan invited this exposure, and said he doesn't give two shits if I post this, so... Wayne, the price is 3 shits, and you owe us 3 of those and the $209.99 USD that you got back from your credit card company. You the reader, as a curious person (you must be if you read this far), and if you're not easily offended, and want to hear Wayne's side of the story, drop him a line and he'll get back to you once he gets in from his tree pulling chores and/or hocking all of the free shit that he's aquired online. He refused to send us a real time picture of the Pullerbear, so we suspect he has sold it.  He's a real charmer... you've been warned!

To summarize, Wayne R. Bryan purchased a Pullerbear Pro XL321 for $169.99 USD plus $40 for shipping.  When he received the Pullerbear, he filed a charge back on his credit card, was reimbursed and he kept the Pullerbear and refuses to return it because he needs it to pull trees on his property in Forsyth Missouri.

Wayne R. Bryan

Forsyth, Missouri, USA




Here's Wayne Bryan's first, and only email he ever sent us.  This is Wayne Bryan's mind on parade. (CONTENT WARNING)

Wayne Bryan Forsyth Missorri



Now, the less offensive stuff.

More Unsolicited, Unedited Feedback...

Friday, May 10th -

Hi Pullerbear Team,

 I am reaching out from the American River Parkway Foundation in Carmichael, CA. Our organization has purchased some units from you in the past, and we have received a grant to purchase up to 10 more pullers. We like the Pullerbears most over the other options (we also have weed wrenches and extractigators).

 I just wanted to check in before we made an order to ensure you would be able to accommodate a larger order like this.  By the way, I enjoyed the video about unboxing and non-lubrication of pullerbear vs its competitors. Very funny stuff. We are always having to clean and lubricate our orange weed wrenches...

 Thank you,
 Danny - Natural Resources Manager - American River Parkway Foundation.

Saturday, May 4, 2024 - This is the best thing since sliced bread. I wanted a heavy duty tool that would get the job done pulling invasive honeysuckle in Michigan. After several uses and plants pulled, I can't find anything to improve, or complain, about this tool. It is heavy duty, well made, and perfectly designed. This thing is awesome. Thank you so much.

John Rowley - Jackson MI


Pullerbear doing it's thing in Michigan.


Friday, April 26, 2024


I just received my Pullerbear Pro XL123 and it works GREAT!

I was wondering how much root depth would come with the stem…well THIS much.

NOTE: Costco’s Canadian Maple Syrup for scale and a show of respect from your southern neighbors.

Feel free to use this image in any way you like. I release any and all rights to the image.

Sincerely, David Matt - Michigan



The videos below are various customer videos that we have found on other platforms... Some are not safe for work...You've been WARNED.





Welcome to Pullerbear Tree and Invasive Weed Puller - 100% Canadian Made and INFLATION FREE. Regardless of rising prices, material shortages and increased labour costs - Our prices have remained the same for the last 5 years.  Our website DOESN'T collect any cookies or tracking information about you.  When you visit, we don't know who you are, where you are or where you came from.  You will not receive any unsolicited emails, surveys, feedback requests or phone calls.  Your email is not sold or used to send you any solicitations whatsoever. 

Our e-commerce provider is PayPal, love 'em or hate 'em, they are secure, and they provide Buyer Protection for every transaction.  If you have a PayPal account, great, if not, you can pay as a guest and leave no trace of you being there.  PayPal only emails you transaction and tracking information.  If you are Canadian, you can purchase a Pullerbear via e-transfer which requires no middleman.  Email info@pullerbear.com 

Now, speaking of one of those companies that collect your information and nag you for feedback, we present Anazom, our former partner in retailing our Pullerbears.  Click on the logo and you will see what kind of experience we had with this massive, control freak, conglomerate.

Pullerbear Amazon Experience

One more thing.  With rising prices and consumers wanting as much bang for their buck as possible, and the best price, we feel your aingst.  You can only buy Pullerbears directly from us, therefore, we guarantee the best price.  BUT, that's a big but, we have competitors.  The Extractigator and the Uprooter.  We want you to go to their websites and, check them out before you purchase a Pullerbear.  If you don't come back here... OOPS!  You work hard for your money and getting the best value for it is important.  Check us all out and make a decision that you feel confident with.  You'll sleep better.If you are spontaneous, reckless, don't give a sh*t, fly by the seat of your pants and just want to get down to business then click, right frickin' HERE!  Oh!, one more thing... ALL PULLERBEARS AND ACCESSORIES ARE TAX FREE FOR OUR AMERICAN FRIENDS.

Pullerbear Pro XL Introduction
This is what it does, if it's what you need, welcome to Pullerbear.


 Made by these characters...

This is us...

...An original product brought to you by an original Canadian family...

 - Brandi and Randy Paisley Owners

  Shipper, Bookkeeper - Mom - Inventor - Welder - Multimedia

- Cameron - Actor - Checking It Twice (2023) - IMDB Reel

- Ryan - Welder - Product Development - Self Employed Entrepreneur

 - Cierra - Welder - Former NCAA Hockey Player - Student - Lindenwood University, St Charles, Missouri.

  - Brooklyn - Hole Driller - Packager - CIS Hockey Player - Student  Dalhousie University. Halifax N.S.

 EST. 1997

Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia.

Pullerbear tree pullers and weed wrenchers were born from a necessity which inspired an idea, which inturn inspired a concept which inturn inspired some ingenuity which inspired many prototypes which resulted in perfection.  The result... The world's most awesome manual tree puller on earth.  We're so sure you'll agree, we'll weld your name on it... absolutely free.  At checkout, tell us what it is you want to name this thing or who's name you want on it.  We've done names, phone numbers, email addresses, anniversaries, birthdays, nicknames, profanity, bible verses, farms, businesses and anything else you can think of. We aren't easily offended.  If you are in your senior years, and think that the Pullerbear will be too heavy for you... 75% or our customers are retired folks who want to show their spouse, and weeds who's da boss.


The Most Capable And Least Expensive Tree Pullers and Weed Wrenchers In The World.

- 9 out 10 Pullerbears Sold To U.S. Customers 

- Flat Rate Shipping When You Pay In Your Country's Currency

- The Price You See Is The Price You Pay (Canadian Customers Subject to Respective Provincial Sales Taxes) 

- Pullerbear prices have remained the same the last 4 years.

- The Pullerbear is the only manual tree puller that removes the entire plant and roots with one continuous pull.

- Pullerbears are only sold by us (ProQuo Services Canada Ltd.). Best price is guaranteed or it's FREE.

- Pullerbears have an enamel finish, they're NOT powder-coated.  Powder-coating cannot be repaired.

- Pullerbears are the only tree pullers completely weld sealed, grease free, completely assembled and have clog free teeth.


Why would you buy any other tree puller than the Pullerbear?  The Extractigator, Uprooter, Weed Wrench and Brush Grubber don't have any one feature that we would replicate on our tools.  They don't mention us, by name, on their websites but we name them and compare the Pullerbears to all of them on our COMPARE page.  Go have a look and see for yourself or check out the four videos below.  The two on the left are our videos and the two on the right are the Uprooter's.  Run the opposing videos at the same time and you be the judge.  We didn't make their's, these are their own video productions.

Pullerbear Tree Pullers and Weed WrenchersPullerbear Compared to the Extractigator, Uprooter, Weed Wrench and Brush GrubberPullerbear Store - Purchase a Pullerbear TodayPullerbear Tree Pullers and Weed Wrenchers in the NewsPullerbear How To  and Helpful TipsPullerbear How To Instructions and VideosPullerbear Customer,s Unsolicited FeedbackPullerbear Folks and How to Get Hold Of Them.

Pullerbear   Uprooter



FLASHBACK 13 years ago... Cierra was working a Pullerbear and today she's building them.



ProQuo Services Canada Maker of the Pullerbear Tree Puller

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