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 War Declared on Scotch Broom and Other Invasive Weeds

Shawnigan Lake-- Shawnigan Lake business ProQuo Services Canada Ltd., manufacturer of the Pullerbear Scotch Broom Puller in collaboration with Duncan Iron Works and Sign Experts, both of Duncan, have combined their collective resources to produce a fully equipped mobile invasive weed control trailer. The trailer is equipped with 12 Pullerbear pulling tools and an assortment of other more common tools. This mobile weed control trailer and tools will be available to assist non-profit organizations in their efforts to control infestations of Scotch Broom and other invasive weeds. Owner of ProQuo Services and inventor of the Pullerbear, Randy Paisley, says that it is time to declare war on Scotch Broom and to do that, pardon the military lingo, you need to have boots on the ground. To attract the numbers of volunteers that you need, to have an impact, you need to have enough tools on hand to assist.

Paisley says, "We are really excited to be able to do our part and the most rewarding aspect of this venture is that it will cost the non-profit associations nothing to use this equipment." Free use of the tools and trailer. "These volunteers are already doing the environment and the community a service, to provide them with the tools they need, at no cost, seems a reasonable solution to the problem. Local and Provincial government have yet to step up with any plan to control the noxious invaders so it's up to the people to take up arms - so to speak.

Below are some of the groups that have taken advantage of the Invasive Weed Control Program




Rossalyn Woodgate with her new Pullerbear Tree Puller

Congratulations to door prize winner, Rossalyn Woodgate, of Duncan B.C.  Rossalyn won a Pullerbear Pulls-All donated by ProQuo Services Canada Ltd., manufacturer and developer of the world's number 1 tree and brush puller.  Rossalyn's work just became a lot easier.

For information on how you can get a Pullerbear donated to your cause call us at 1 877 943 3607 or email info@pullerbear.com

Brentwood College School Work Day 2009

Brentwood College School of Mill Bay, B.C. has an annual Work Day where students are hired by businesses and/or private individuals to do a days work.  The students are paid a fair wage and the students then donate their earnings to a local charity.  On April 4th, these four students (Fraser, Megan, Chelsey and Ross) were hired by Tammy Chamberlain (on left) of the Cougar Ridge Strata, at the southend of Shawnigan Lake, to pull the broom and alder from around this sign and other areas around the strata.  The Brentwood students raised $18,000 for their efforts in 2008.

College students pulling scotch broom and alder trees


Duncan, B.C. Scout Troop

 12 year old girls pulling broom

These two young ladies, above, were part of a Scout Troop working to raise funds for a trip to Scotland. They made short work of this scotch broom plant with a Pullerbear Grip. Right, the troop takes time to pose for the media that was in attendance for the event.
 Scouts pulling broom for trip to Scotland

 Media coverage of tree pulling.

In April of 2008 this group of Scouts raised $1000 for a morning of work pulling scotch broom in a sensitive Garry Oak preserve near Duncan, BC. They were raising money for a trip to Scotland later in the year. It's somewhat ironic that they were pulling scotch broom to raise money to go to the country of origin of this noxious invader. What goes around comes around.

Young tree and weed pullers

These young kids are all set to attack a batch of scotch broom and invasive plants in Duncan BC

11 year old boy pulling weeds

Ryan, sets his sights on a patch of scotch broom along this field near Quamichan Lake in Duncan BC.

 Katimavik groups pulling invasive weeds

Volunteer group prepare for a day of scotch broom pulling and other invasive weeds and plants in Duncan BC

 Scotch Broom going up in smoke

 This project was 400 metres by 10 metres wide and was cleared in 8 hours by two people. Using two Pullerbear Grips and 1 Pullerbear Pro for the larger scotch broom plants. The smoke in the distance was the beginning of the project and the other 100 metres was behind the photographer. Pullerbear and ProQuo Services advocate the Pull-Pile-Burn method of disposal for scotch broom. It burns very quickly and relatively clean. This method is recommended because it is important to isolate and treat the infested area. Hauling the plants to local composting depots only makes the problem worse by incorporating seeds into the composting program and the spreading of seeds along the roadways on the way to the facilities.



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